Best Lift Chairs Reviews [BUDGET Friendly]

We comfort value more and more with the passage of time. A wise investment in decorating a home can be a budget saver. One of the comforts providing furniture is a lift chair.

An ideal recliner chair can make a difference around the world. Either it is present in the corner of your bedroom or in the living room, a comfortable recliner will release your full day stress. It can be used for reading, sleeping, or watching TV. But it always provides you a peaceful rest.

Moreover, as people age, they feel harder to get up from a seated position. Lift chair offers not only to recline but also gives gentle assistance for a standing position with a touch button. The power lift chairs are designed for those people who have back, leg, and balance issues, or have recent surgery that affects their movement.

Obviously, it is a supporting component after medical intervention and allowing to keep a smooth seated posture. Lift recliners also give a gentle boost to stand-up and decrease pressure on the back. So, they are priceless, particularly when someone’s mobility or balance gets weaker.

Our detailed guide about Best Lift Chairs will help you to make an informed decision for yourself or senior family members.

Common Features for All Lift Chairs

  • Include plugs for the AC outlet.
  • Convenient to use a wired controller.
  • Good side pockets to save essentials.
  • One-piece chaise seat for greater comfort.
  • Limited lifetime warranty of frame.
  • Customizable with more than 900 leather and fabric covers.

Below is a list of our Best Lift Chairs with top rated reviews and best-selling features.

Top Picks

1. Easy Comfort with 2-Position Lift Chair

Easy comfort 2 position lift chair has designed with a hardwood frame to enhance stability. It is featured with a heavy-duty steel lift mechanism for the purpose of longevity. The lift recliner has a weight of 325 pounds along with LC-200 capacity. It will recline your back and lift you up safely and smoothly with the help of a push-button. The lift chair has a reclining position at angle 45o and this is ideal for relaxing, sitting, reading, and watching television.


  • Solid product having well-made construction.
  • Extremely comfortable with smooth motions to recline.
  • Excellent chair and control works well.


  • More expensive chair.

2. Mega-Motion & Infinite Position Lift Chair

Easy comfort infinite-position lift chair is a recline lounger and an electric lift. It is upgraded to dual lift motors. The Mega-Motion lift chair has sturdy construction and manufactured with furniture grade plywood/hardwood along with heavy duty steel lift-mechanism. It has lifetime warranty for lift mechanism with 325 pounds weight capacity. Other parts have 2 years limited warranty. It also includes an integrated ‘Emergency Battery Backup’. It will raise the lift chair in chaise pad and power outage conditions.

Mega-Motion lift chair has a hand controller to adjust footrest and backrest angles as well as lowers or raises the lift recliner. It is designed with versatile features such as roll arms with pleats, a padded seat position, and padded wings for head to toe comfort of users. The convenient side pockets are also present to save remote control, newspapers, and magazines.


  • Quite long cord that is much convenient.
  • Lift chair has low and smooth motion.
  • Large chairs, top-quality construction, and comfortable.


  • It does recline into a full sleeping position.


The Ultimate Lift Chair has designed with a ‘steel framework’, with massage and heat, comfort coil sitting, layout ability, and comfort gel. Its fabric is printed padded and faux leather. The rolled arm panel of the chair is decorated with NAILHEAD trim and weighs around 154.7 pounds. A gel-infused foam in recliner feels very comfortable and you can observe the major difference while sitting down. It is an ideal choice for patients during injury and operation.


  • Stands taller, no falling, and worth the extra money.
  • Very comfortable to sleep and quality seat construction.
  • Very easy to get in and out of lift chair.


  • Lift chair is an expensive product.

4. Mega-Motion Easy Comfort Superior Lift Chair

Heavy-duty lift chair weighs around 500 pounds and follows steel lift mechanism. It is featured with 3-position, recline, and entire electric lift. This recliner also includes a free curbside delivery and an integrated battery ‘emergency backup’. The Superior lift chair assists the larger users and ideal choice for relaxing, sitting, reading, sleeping, and watching television. It gives you a personal independence and only one button press needs to recline or rise the chair gently.

An electric motor gives you a quite smooth transition for different positions i.e. recline to standing position and ideal for those people who face trouble while getting into or out chair. Three positions include partial recline, full recline, and closed. It has chaise seat and split back design for head to toe comfort. Power recliner lets you to recline in any position automatically. It also has convenient side pockets on both sides to save remote control, magazines, and newspapers.


  • Comfortable and top quality chair.
  • All mechanisms work smoothly.
  • Large chair with very quiet motor.


  • Sometimes, back lacks good spine support.

5. Superior Lift Chair Recliner

Superior lift recliner has sturdy construction and designed with furniture grade plywood/hardwood material. It is featured with three-positions to enhance user’s comfort. All positions are recline and have an electric lift. This lift chair also has an integrated battery ‘emergency back-up’ in case of power shortage. It has maximum weight of 500 pounds and a heavy duty chair to lift all types of users as well.


  • A heavy duty chair with wonderful construction.
  • All features works quietly and easily.
  • Very comfortable and have lots of room.


  • Sometimes short in one component.

Ultimate Lift Recliners Guide

From material to reclining position options, warranties, size, and advanced features, there are various factors that need to consider while buying a lift chair that fulfills all your needs.


Lift chairs have three different types i.e. 2 positions, 3 positions, and infinite positions. It tells about chairs’ operations through remote hand control. A single motor is present in both 2 positions and 3 positions lift chairs. Thus, the footrest and headrest function in unison via a single control. A leg rest will come up at the same time if the chair’s back reclines.

The 2 position chair reclines back at 45o from an upright position. This is a final angle for reading and watching TV. It is a type of misnomer because a lift chair can be stopped in any position between standing and sitting. This chair will help you in operation or injury conditions.

A lift chair with 3 positions does fully recline similarly to the traditional recliner. However, it is not laid flat for sleeping purposes.

Both 2-position and 3-position lift chairs have one motor. So, a remote operates the complete chair or footrest in unison. Such chairs are ideal in a semi-upright position for napping purposes just like a standard recliner.

Infinite position chair reclines flat just like a sleeping bed. A few recline enough to keep your feet above your heart while resting. It is a perfect position for swelling ankles and legs. This chair has two motors. They operate chairs and footrest independently via separate control buttons. It offers a range of positions. Thus, you can sit upright with the help of a footrest-up, it is not possible with 2- and 3- position lift chairs.


Chair size is one of the most significant factors while choosing a lift chair. It is based not only the space, but also considers a proper fit for the weight and height of the user.

Measure the back height, distance from seat cushion to chair’s floor, and back height from the top seat. Floor to top measurements of seat cushion helps your feet to rest while sitting upright with your back against the backrest of the chair. A larger lift chair has a deeper seat cushion.

A seat depth is measured from front to back, but width shows a side to side measurement. The seat should be wide sufficient to accommodate hips at the widest point. If you want to leave room for your pet to sit next to you, then choose a little wider chair. Make sure the seat cushion measurements from top to top of the chair back must be large enough to support the user’s neck and head. It is approximately 2-inches above where the head reaches the headrest.

Measure the hips-width, seat depth i.e. from cushion’s back surface to back of the knee, and from top of seat to feet on the floor. This is unsafe if your feet hang above the floor from a relaxed seated position because the recliner features will slide down to the floor when this is elevated.

The majority of power recliners have a good range of weight capacity from 300-pounds to 330-pounds. The heavy-duty chairs may be known as bariatric lift recliners, designed with extra-wide seats. They are reinforced to support people having weight up to 600-pounds. This feature makes the chair seat more firm.


The size of lift chairs is comparable to recliners. Observe the room for chair placement. The standard models have the ability to slide both backward and outward. A typical chair must sit from 18-inches to 22-inches away from the room wall that could be a challenge regarding the tight area. In case, if you don’t have more room, the wall-hugger models help the recliner to function within 4-inches to 6-inches of the wall. Such models with space-saving features start against a wall as well as can slide forward beyond the banging of the wall behind them.


The lift chairs have a wide range of attractive and durable fabrics from faux leather to linen. Select color and fabric which complement your lifestyle and décor. Remember that vinyl and leather do not breathe like cloth or synthetic leather make you sweat in a hot area. If you sit for more time, then the hotter you get. For sitting a longer period of time, remove or skip leather that is commonly more expensive as well.

Some lift recliners have matching covers for headrest, armrest, or seat rest. All these things can be detached for washing. The latest fabrics such as imitation leather, microfiber, and linen are resistant to stain or generally easier to clean as compared to leather counterparts.

Advanced Features

The lift chairs are designed with multiple options that enhance their convenience, accessibility, and comfort. The higher-end features like USB charging ports, heat to cup holders, and vibrating massage. The most common addition is a side pocket for the remote.

A massaging chair looks like ‘an unnecessary luxury’. However, the greater price tag worth it for those people who suffer from poor circulation, pains, and aches.

Whereas cozy and relaxing chairs generally improve blood circulation towards the legs, back, head, and lumbar area. If you need a vibrating heat and massage chair, make sure the remote has separate controls for heat intensity and each area.

A few recliners are particularly manufactured with removable armrests. Thus, wheelchair users can enter them more easily from the side as well.

All these features are harder to find within mass market as well as need to be especially ordered.

Advantages of Lift Chairs

It is often used in VA hospitals, assisted living organizations, and care facilities. Probably, lift recliners are mostly used at home. Sometimes, it is recommended by healthcare physicians to senior age people to prevent falls. It is a more comfortable and safer way to rest and sit along with proper management of particular health conditions. This is a specialized lift chair to help people maintain their energy levels because they do not have sufficient power to get up and down all day long.

People having circulatory problems find this support component very useful because multiple designs help them to lift legs above the heart position. People having a degenerative joint disease or arthritis also use a lift recliner, just like folks do, and living with neuromuscular issues. Because, lift recliner helps them to sit or stand independently, in a controlled manner, and increasing autonomy sense.

An ideal option for injury recovery or post-op. It is also helpful for people having cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, amputation, balance disorders, knee issues, hip problems, lower leg neuropathy, age-related weakness, and Parkinson’s disease. Your physician may recommend a lift chair that helps in decreasing the negative impacts of progressive problem, to avoid suture tears, overexertion following injury or surgery, and provides pain relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the valuable features present in a lift chair?

It is 2 position, 3 positions, or infinite position. Lift chair provides multiple sizes, upholstery materials, recline angles, and weight accommodations, and other useful characteristics such as heat, foot, and massage extensions.

What is a 3-position lift chair?

It is also known as a 3-way recliner. This 3-position lift chair easily reclines people up to 180o degrees. It makes people ideal for sleeping, reading, napping, eating, and watching TV.

Is lift chair worth it?

The lift chair worth the expense based on ‘intended people’. The majority of users love them as well as they based on them for comfortable sitting and standing. Many users of lift chair said that their investment for this support component is well worth as well as enhance their well-being, quality of life, and health.

How do lift chairs support old age people in place?

Lift chair helps people in getting-up and down easily, increasing independence and mobility for old age seniors who need in-place safely and comfortably. It also supports the users in place to manage properly their painful health conditions.

Is Medicare pay for the lift chair?

If particular factors are fulfilled, a seat lift design may be covered by Medicare. However, not the whole lift recliner itself. A Medicare will need a certification related to medical needs from a proper physician to elaborate why you require a lift recliner for the lifting mechanism.

How a lift chair makes an ultra-comfortable?

Width of seat, depth and padding are the comfort level factors of a lift chair. Zero gravity chairs or infinite position chairs are known as most comfortable, because they lift from a ‘flat position’ which puts feet above heat to relieve pain, improving circulation, and encouraging rest.

Does it has a warranty/after-sales service?

Lift chairs are designed with an electric motor and various moveable parts. They will require service. This is a good thought to confirm either buying a lift chair has any type of warranty coverage or after-sale services. It will be significant if a motor shows some problem just after purchase. Even valuable brands turn out a lemon or knowing what type of resource, coverage, and protection requirements in case of breaking anything, is very significant.

Final Thoughts

Lift recliners are good for all ages. As the years’ pass, an investment will prove its worth. Lift chairs offer useful benefits to people having mobility impairments. Mechanical lift power and function help users to enter or exit the chair effortlessly and safely. Lift chairs have an electronic motor and various moveable parts. It prevents overexertion and falls. They come in multiple sizes, designs, and price points. So, every person can get the right support for genuine needs.

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