Best Road Bikes Under 500$

Serious bike riders are always searching for some good road bikes under 500$. They search for road bikes for commuting, training, and riding. A 500$ can get access to a solid bike that fulfill your needs and last for a long time.

The majority of people have faced a major challenge of choosing such a bike under this range of price.  If you are included in such people who find it difficult, you can get the right bike by visiting this article.

Bikes reviewed here are the best for the riders. You may hardly access to any other better option. Just read to explore the perfect available option. If you are getting such type of bike and not explore its information, you may have missed a lot!

An ideal road bike is very easy to ride and maintain. Particularly, these are the best for all-weather situations. By knowing this information about road bikes, then you have enough knowledge and surely nothing to lose.

Why do We consider Road Bikes?

On the smooth roads, we have to need a road bike. Basically, road bikes have designed for this purpose. A road bike is a common ride as it is simple, easy to use, and practical. The road bike has designed to help riders get maximum speeds with small effort. Road bikes usually have lightweight and do not have a rear or front suspension. The majority of them have a sufficient number of carbon fiber, front and drop handlebars along with light and skinny tires. Such road bikes are considered particularly for short to long regular commutes, feasible rides around the neighborhood, and for commutes to school or work.

Top Picks of the ‘Best Road Bikes’ under 500$

There are numerous road bikes within your own budget, and you do not want to waste the bank on your own. Road bikes under 500$ have various attributes that enhance bike usage as well as ensure the riders to get maximum outdoor experience. Here, a shortlist of best road bikes is mentioned under 500$ that will assist you to choose the best one!

  1. Hiland Aluminum City Road Bike
  2. Vilano Classic Single Speed Road Bicycle
  3. Mongoose BMX Bicycles
  4. Vertical Alpine-Eagle 24″ Bike
  5. Hiland Hybrid 700C Wheels Bike
  6. Takara Yuugen Single Speed Road Bike
  7. Road Bike Fixed-Gear Road Bike

1. Hiland Aluminum City Road Bike


  • Hiland road bike upgraded to high-quality inner wire design.
  • The road bike has reinforced with an ultra-light aluminum frame.
  • Speed shifters SHIMANO 3 x 7 ensure full control in each situation.
  • Built to ride comfortably in the whole city for any purpose.
  • Supported with KMC Z7 chain, 170mm crank arm length, 25c x 700c tiers.
  • Hiland road bike supported with 700C wheels to provide maximum speed.
  • More than 85% is pre-assembled, feasible installation, easy to assemble.
  • Upgraded to best quality pedals to enhance speed practices on roads.
  • The Brake system of the Hiland road bike has supported with double-caliper brakes.
  • 49cm size for people 5’3″ and 5’6″, 59cm size for people 6 and 6’4″, 53cm for people 5’6″ and 6′.


  • Hiland aluminum frame.
  • 700C fork, KMC Z7 chain.
  • 25c x 700c tyres.
  • Pre-assembled 85%.
  • Al H 19mm double-wall rims.
  • 48mm presta valve.
  • 14-28 SHIMANO teeth.

Reasons to Choose

Easy assembly: Hiland road bike is more than 85% pre-assembled and the package contains essential tools for assembly. These tools are the front wheel, pedal assembly, saddle, handlebar, and installation will be very easy.

Directly access to manufacturer: People directly buy this product from the manufacturer as well as far away from trade margins from middlemen. Thus, you can get your own bike uncomplicated and easily in the best conditions.

Put Heart into Bikes: Rides are personal needs and every bike adjusts differently for different riders. Hiland road bike will enhance your expectations of performance and quality. Put your mind, soul, and heart into every single act.

Frame: Hiland road bike has designed with a top-quality frame made of ultra-light aluminum material along with a valuable inner wire design. It offers a lightweight and reliable cycling experience.

Gear: Road bikes have supported with the gear of 21 speed and used for many sections of road rides. It offers a reliable boost to your riding experience.


  • Extremely light wheels.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Perfect for pavement.
  • Lightweight product.


  • A little brake rub.

2. Vilano Classic Single Speed Road Bicycle


  • Vilano classic road bike upgraded to Dutch style for urban-streets.
  • The road bike has designed with a 53cm frame size with gray color.
  • Supported with Mustache handlebars and upright posture for comfortable riding.
  • 35c x 700c tires and 700c wheels for the smooth riding experience.
  • Tuning and proper assembly have been required for better performance.
  • Reinforced with a classic frame of steel along with relaxed geometry.
  • Vilano road bike has a coaster brake for better foot braking on roads.
  • Water bottle mounts, grips, brown matching saddle, no cables for a good look.
  • Road bikes come from the factory direct, speedy ride on road.
  • Vilano road bike has elegant look and sleek appearance.

How to Assemble

Vilano Classic road bike comes directly from the factory in the partially assembled form within a large box of cardboard. It needs to assemble and tune beyond the riding. Following shortlist will help you to complete the assembly of the bike:

  • The stem is flipped, install the front wheel.
  • Install the handlebars and saddle.
  • Then install the pedals, true wheels.
  • Tune the derailleurs, brakes.


  • Rack eyelets, single speed.
  • Matching grips, saddle suspension.
  • Sturdy steel frame hi-ten.
  • No need for cables for sleek style.
  • Mounts of a water bottle, 700C wheels.
  • 35c x 700c tires, matching grips.
  • Minimal maintenance, coaster brakes.


  • Excellent bike for riding,
  • Well-designed body.
  • A solid frame for support.
  • Good bike for budget.


  • Not negatively reviewed yet.

3. Mongoose BMX Bicycles


  • Mongoose BMX bike has developed to fulfill the needs of beginner riders.
  • Upgraded to hit streets or pop-off curbs, fit for rider height up to 4’8” to 5’4”.
  • Durable features with High tensile steel-frame, 20.25 inches top-tube length.
  • Supported with removable mount brakes, loose ball American bottom bracket.
  • One-piece forged steel-crank 170 mm along with an alloy chainring of 25T.
  • 20” x 2.3” wheelset tires, mounted on Al single-wall, rims 36H.
  • 3/8 inches lady axle of front-hub along with 9T sealed cog cassette bearing rear hub.
  • Supported with brake levers and Al U-brakes offer accurate control over speed.
  • The handlebar is reinforced with high tensile steel combined with a 50 mm stem.
  • Integrated sealed threadless headset for enhanced steering functions.

Reasons to Choose

High-Tensile Steel Frame: Mongoose BMX road bike is reinforced with a frame made of high tensile steel. A removable mount brake and top-tube have 20.25 inches in length. A suggested height of the rider is 4’8” to 5’4”.

Chainring & Drivetrain: BMX road bike has featured with drivetrain 170 mm forged steel one-piece crank. A chainring alloy is 25T along with an American ball loose base bracket.

Hubs & Wheelset: Mongoose road bike has upgraded with 2.3 x 20 inches tires that are mounted on Al 36H single-wall rims. Font hub has a 3/8” female axle along with a cassette bearing 9T cog sealed rear hub.

Stem & Handlebars: Mongoose bikes have strengthened with brake levers and Al U-brakes that offer precision control of speed. A fork and handlebar of hi-ten steel are combined through a 50 mm stem. An integrated threadless headset sealed for greater steering functions.


  • 515mm horizontal top-tube length.
  • 565mm standover height.
  • 348mm chainstay length.
  • 170mm hollow-spindle cranks.
  • 36H Al single-walled rims.
  • 48mm stem for accurate riding.
  • 8” rise hi-ten steel handlebar.
  • BMX 2.3” tires for durability.


  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Solid frame and forks.
  • Best quality at low budget.


  • A little heavy weight.

4. Vertical Alpine-Eagle 24″ Bike


  • Alpine eagle bike has upgraded to double suspension mountain.
  • Supported with rear and front V-brakes for comfort riding practices.
  • Durability has increased via the adjustable position of the bike seat.
  • Alpine eagle has Shimano grip shifters along with an 18-speed derailleur.
  • Supported with the perfect set of wheels to facilitate riders during rides on road.
  • Strengthened with a full suspension frame ensures an eat-up of strong bumps.
  • Super eye-catchy white and green paints along with pink details make fly easy.
  • Index derailleur 21 speed, grip shifters, make incline flat and smooth.
  • Fast release of seat position helps for quick adjustment and set-up.
  • A saddle padded offers solid kickstand steel and a super comfortable ride.
  • Alpine eagle bike has 46.8 lbs weight and 40.16 x 64.15 x 23.62 inches dimensions.

Reasons to Choose

Rear & Front V-Brakes: Rear and front V-brakes of Alpine eagle road bike delivers excellent efficiency and stopping power. These bikes are supported with minimal and sleek design features.

Quick-Release of Seat: Alpine eagle road bikes have upgraded to the fast release of seat position. Supported with easy adjustment and the quick adjustment between the growing and multiple riders.

21-Speed Road Bike: Alpine Eagle road bikes are supported with maximum speed of 21 along with index derailleur and shifters for grip to enhance riding ease.

Solid-Steel Kickstand: Alpine Eagle road bike has reinforced with a kickstand made of solid steel. You can easily rest your bike on trails with a full breeze at your adventures.


  • Mountain bike with 21-speed.
  • Rear and front V-brakes.
  • Quickly release of seat position.
  • Kickstand made of solid steel.
  • A full suspension frame.
  • Eye-catchy design and structure.


  • Nice budget bike.
  • Double boxed and well-secured.
  • Best for medium height riders.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Needs proper assembly.

5. Hiland Hybrid 700C Wheels Bike


  • Hiland hybrid road bikes have developed with a top-quality frame made of Aluminum alloy.
  • The excellent paint of a road bike makes it useful and attractive for long riding experiences.
  • Upgraded with a brake system that involves super dual caliper brakes to enhance riding.
  • 7-Speed Shimano shifters increase the full bike control in every type of situation.
  • Hiland hybrid road bike has grown the comfortable ride all around the city.
  • Supported by wheels of 700C that provide high-speed road bike experiences.
  • A hybrid bike is pre-assembled up to 85%, pedal includes, easy method of installation.
  • Hiland road bike package includes free installation tools for assembling purposes.
  • The road bike has 18 inches frame that is suitable for 5″6 to 6″ tall riders.
  • Hybrid road bikes are used for multiple purposes like commuting, leisure, fitness, and adventure.

Reasons to Choose

Bike: Hiland Hybrid road bikes are developed for better performance and versatility. These road bikes have provided an affordable and comfortable ride to enhance your riding experiences.

Frame: Hiland Hybrid bikes have designed with a retro style to offer a new variable riding experience. You must become the most attractive super rider on the roads.

Gear: Hiland Hybrid bikes are supported with 6 speed to enhance the comfortable ride within the city as well as a simple type of shifting needs no essential skills.

Keep heart into bikes: Road bikes are your personal machines and each ride adjusts a variable need for a different rider. Hiland Hybrid bikes will enhance your performance and quality of expectations. Keep your soul, mind, and heart into every little act.

Easy to Assemble: Hybrid road bikes are pre-assembled up to 85% and packages include essential tools such as saddle, front wheel, pedal assembly, and handlebars that will make easy installation.


  • Aluminum fork 700C.
  • 170 mm crank, Aluminum frame.
  • 7 speed ASLRS45R7A shifters.
  • 14-28T Shimano freewheel.
  • 700 x 38C tires, 9/16 inches pedals.
  • Pre-assembled up to 85%.
  • Rear/front wheels for quick release.


  • Great value for price.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Very comfortable seat.
  • Perfect for easy ride.


  • Need adjustment/assembly.

6.  Takara Yuugen Single Speed Road Bike


  • Takara Yuugen road bike has reinforced with fork and frame.
  • Fork and frame are synthesized from hi-ten steel material.
  • Supported by up-right flat bar features to enhance riding.
  • A rear hub flip-flop has fixed to support the fee wheel for riding functions.
  • Takara bikes are strengthened with pivot alloy single brakes.
  • Upgraded to dual-wall 32 hole alloy rim to promote riding experiences.
  • Juugen single bikes have designed with 28 mm x 700 C tires.
  • Medium size road bike having ideal dimensions of 40 x 60 x 25 inches.
  • Takara bikes have developed with 33.9 pounds weight.
  • Designed with Tomy brand, painted with green attractive color.


  • Very light weight.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Nice solid frame.
  • Everything is tight.


  • A little pricy.

7. Road Bike Fixed-Gear Road Bike


  • Road bikes are developed with a solid frame made of Alloy material.
  • Fixed gear bikes that promote the riding experiences on different rods.
  • A riser handlebar facilitates the comfortable movements of bikes.
  • Road bikes have designed with multiple unique details and attractive colors.
  • Reinforced with the development of a frame made of hi-ten steel material.
  • Road bikes have great quality upgraded with aero shape forks.
  • Supported with flip-flop hub as well as deep V rims features.
  • Road bikes are built with ideal dimensions of 28 x 51 x 7 inches.
  • Bikes have designed with an appropriate weight of 28 pounds for smooth riding.
  • Fast shipping and quick delivery, sealed box has pre-assembled product up to 85%.
  • Upgraded with tires of 700C, frame size is 54cm, suitable for 5’4-6′ tall riders.


  • Suitable for medium riders.
  • Smooth riding features.
  • Fast shipping and delivery.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Need to assemble.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Road Bikes under 500$

When you are searching for a good road bike under 500$, you must consider to select the best one. There are various road bikes under this 500$ range of price, no one is not as better as ones that we have discussed here. But a daunting task is how to choose the best road bikes. Here are some essential things that need to consider as you select the ‘best entry level’ bike for road under 500$.

These factors will help you to make a right decision!

Fork and Frame material

A fork and frame material has a great influence and must not be ignored as you buying a road bike for yourself. Various materials are used to build road bikes particularly fork and frame. A most commonly used material for fork and frame is aluminum.


An aluminum is light that used in developing airplanes. In case of road bikes, use of aluminum ensures travel faster, however, its light supports weight of rider. It is most common material used for entry level road bikes. A common practice is to find an aluminum framed road bikes that have a ‘carbon fiber’ fork. It delivers maximum balance in between robustness and reliability. Carbon fork also allows good vibrational absorption.

Carbon fiber

A carbon fiber has used to enhance the stiffness as well as to reduce the failure chances. Material is molded into variable shapes that maximize stiffness and help in construction of aerodynamics tube. Carbon fiber material also used to build handlebars, crank arms, seat posts, and crowns. Rims are also developed from it to decrease need of re-true wheel. Low mass of rim serves wheel with less moment of inertia as this is a rotating part.


An organized group of mechanical components that involve all parts to develop a bike. It excludes stem, fork, handlebars, saddle, rims, wheels, and frame. Group-set refer to brake levers, cog-set, crank set, shifters, integrated brake levers, and derailleur. This is essential to consider available group set. It improves performance as well as ensures safety on road.

Gear levels

When you are cycling on rough terrain or uphill, shifter are used to change gear-levels that give improved performance. As you change down, a rider will observe a 2nd lever following the 1st one. For a slow road cycle, you have to pull these both levers backward at a time.

Cable operated brakes

A cable operated caliper brake is the most common that has developed to link with wheel-rim. As you are putting a little pressure on such brake levers, you can easily slow down your bike. Some road bikes have hydraulic clippers, though these are not used commonly. Most of road bikes have disc brakes. Others have direct-mount calipers, but these are compatible with particular frames.


A chainset housing has front gears that are present in 2 categories i.e. double and triple. A double chainset has variable ratios of 53/39t known as standard combination. This is widely accepted by pro-racers. Thus, you as an amateur just need a larger number of teeth and a larger gear. However, this is quite hard to push, this allows you to get maximum speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best road bike for the money?

There are various road bikes having low budgets. But, the best road bikes that have a minimum budget and high-quality features are ‘Mongoose BMX’ and ‘Takara Yuugen’ bikes. These road bikes have all prominent characteristics to fulfill all your needs for comfortable riding.

Which is the best road bike brand?

Different brands of road bikes are present in the market. All these brands have their own products and attribute to enhance the riding experience. ‘Vilano’ brand is the best according to its production and growing features of road bikes to promote riding.

Which is the best road bike for beginners?

Beginners have to need practice on a medium sized bike having proper brakes and handlebars to control balance. ‘Hiland Hybrid’ road bikes have synthesized for the beginning riders. These bikes have all valuable features to promote the riding practices of beginning riders.

Is it cheaper to build your own road bike?

Not at all. To build your own road bike is a much difficult job. You need large assets to accumulate all components and tools to build the major parts of road bikes. These bikes have designed by experienced engineers. Thus, it is not a minor job.


Road cycling is a great way of commuter as it keeps healthy and fit. This is inexpensive and you can enjoy the outdoors and a great option for the environment as well. You do not have any need for bank breakage for getting a superb quality road bike. Road bikes within 500$ may not be sound like other appealing options. But, there are the best ones from them. If you choose just one from the given bikes, then you will never disappointed.

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