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An invention of strike anywhere matches is quite amazing as the majority of us take them for granted. These strike anywhere matches have developed just like other products in the market. Match has evolved with the passage of time. As a result, strike anywhere matches are developed from centuries’ refinement.

These matches will light up via friction with any type of striking surface. This suitable striking surface is dry, hard, and rough. Strike anywhere matches have still legal manufacturing as well as sold in the United States. This shows that these are not banned by any piece of legislation or the Patriot Act.

Strike anywhere match is the need of every person. For example, people use a match to light a candle, or on a camping trip need a match to start a fire. In this case, before you purchase a match, you must have sufficient knowledge about ‘Best Strike Anywhere Matches’ that are available in the market. Now, we are providing all information and reviews about Strike Anywhere Matches. This will help you in choosing the best match for your specific purpose!

Top Products

Just have a look on the following specs!

  1. Diamond “Greenlight” Strike Anywhere Matches
  2. Aglaonema Strike Anywhere Matches
  3. Diamond GreenLight Strike Anywhere Matches
  4. Strike Anywhere Matches
  5. Pack of 10-boxes Strike Anywhere Matches
  6. Autumn Green-Shop Strike Anywhere Matches

1. Diamond “Greenlight” Strike Anywhere Matches


  • Enjoy the reliable quality of diamond strike anywhere matches.
  • Synthesized from natural packaging materials.
  • Manufactured in the United States by using aspen wood.
  • The recyclable raw material has used in its production.
  • Diamond matches have 2.4 ounces weight.
  • Ideal dimensions of 2.6 x 1.5 x 4.8 inches are used.
  • Usable in the garden, outdoor, camping, home, kitchen, and picnic.


  • Works quickly.
  • Best for lighting logs.
  • Use anywhere.


  • A little pricy.

2. Aglaonema Strike Anywhere Matches


Green color strike anywhere matches are the best reliable products for the users. Long sticks are packed within a black box. Strike anywhere has a sufficient quantity of match sticks to use for a long time. A large-sized match sticks for use in camping, picnic, home, kitchen, garden, and fireplace.


  • Packed in a box.
  • Long stick.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not negatively reviewed yet.

3. Diamond GreenLight Strike Anywhere Matches


  • One box contains 300 strike anywhere matches.
  • 3 box, one box 300 matches, 3 x 300 = 900 matches.
  • Compliance shipping with hazardous items.
  • Can’t be shipped via the US postal office.
  • Greenlight matches have 15.8 ounces weight.
  • Used in outdoor and indoor places everywhere.


  • Really strike anywhere.
  • If accidently wet, still light up.


  • Breaks with force.

4. Strike Anywhere Matches


  • Strike anywhere has a bunch of match sticks.
  • Included 1 black box to save little things.
  • Provides one sticker to initiate fire.
  • Matches have dimensions 2 x 8 x 6 inches and 3.2 ounces weight.
  • Large-sized matches for use in a picnic, home, kitchen, camping, garden, and fireplace.


  • Additional bag.
  • Ideal dimensions.
  • Original function.


  • High cost.

5. Pack of 10-boxes Strike Anywhere Matches


  • 10 boxes, one box 300 matches, total 10 x 300 = 3000 Strike Anywhere Matches.
  • 10 packs, every pack contains a total of 300 Strike Anywhere Matches.
  • Can’t be shipped via the US postal office.
  • Shipped through hazardous shipping needs.
  • Strike Anywhere Matches has 0.32 ounces weight.


  • Really works.
  • Top-quality matches.
  • Performs efficiently.


  • Should contain extra matches.

6. Autumn Green-Shop Strike Anywhere Matches


  • 3 Pack, 300 long matches/pack, 3 x 300 = 900 Strike Anywhere Matches.
  • Also provides 2 Bonus Scripto Views Lighter (2 free lighter).
  • Long wood strike anywhere matches are simple to use.
  • 2 free Scripto Bonus view lighter will change.
  • Lights easily and quickly via nontoxic tip.
  • Strike Anywhere Matches burn with negligible clean smoke.
  • Delivered via ground services to avoid shipping hazardous.
  • An ideal choice for power outages, indoor, outdoor, camping, kitchen, and safety


  • Additional lighters.
  • Use everywhere.
  • Original quality.


  • Long wood.

Buyer’s Guide

Users can see that some matches have better qualities as compared to others. Luckily, now you can differentiate which match brand is the best among all brands of matches. Whenever you need a match, just look for a match that is sufficiently thick to not break easily, quickly lit anywhere, and well-made design to light it. You must have all these considerations, thus you can get a great match whatever the purpose or need is. Fortunately, now you can get enough understanding about selecting the best strike anywhere match or which brand is useful to buy.

Surely, you don’t need to have a Safety Match

The majority of users who are looking for “Strike Anywhere Matches” accidentally meet up with “Safety Matches” as well. Actually, most of the brands make both types of matches i.e. Safety matches and strike anywhere matches. Thus, people are in confusion.

A safety match looks just like a strike anywhere match and designed as its name indicates safety in mind. It shows that this will not use any kind of choosing a surface. However, these safety matches are particularly designed for strikes on a particular surface. Such surface may be included or separated, and simply designed area on the matchbox.

Strike anywhere matches are difficult to find at physical stores as compared to safety matches. In case, when you have a tough time looking for ‘strike anywhere matches’, then no need to worry about it. You may easily order strike anywhere matches online, or can prefer to shop in person. Most outdoors and camping have strike anywhere matches. Bottom line is, difficult to find doesn’t mean they do not perform well, but they do. Harder to find is just because of manufacturers who don’t desire them very easy access into kids’ hands or those who might suffer a danger.

Keeping Safe via Strike Anywhere Matches

Strike anywhere matches are easier to use as compared to safety matches. So, you need much care to use such matches safely. Surely, you need to keep these matches out of kids’ hands. Keep them in a locked box and on a higher shelf.  Must aware of the children about dangers associated with fire and matches.

Additionally, these precautions must keep in mind as this is not only kids who need to be careful, but also young people who have enough experience of matches even make mistakes. So, always use matches with proper care. For instance, a user always strikes the match far away from body parts or in a particular direction which directs the flame away from the body. It is significant if a user is wearing clothes that catch fire than most.

Make sure to focus on full attention when lighting strike anywhere matches. Though, it might be something good you have done many times before. This takes only once to end-up developing a damaging and huge blunder. So, do not light strike anywhere matches as you have distracted. The complete task with full care. This may take one second, however, it can save a world of difference!

How to Store

The majority of users want to get a strike anywhere matches stockpile. So, consumers will always have strike anywhere matches in their hands whenever required, particularly in emergency situations. Such a smart concept to use matches instantly, however, remember that matches need to save properly for their better work in the future.

A major thing to save in mind comes about the storage of strike anywhere matches as you don’t desire to get wet. A wet match can’t work, even after it’s dry, it can’t work. So, take care of their storage in dry places as well. Surely remember that matches must be stored within a particular place where children, impaired, or others who pose a danger can’t be accessed easily.

In case, when you have a plan to store strike anywhere matches for a longer time than months, this is a brilliant idea to store these matches within a plastic case. It will save them from temperature variations, wet air, or other critical factors that affect their functionality and quality.

It is also considered that matches are not stored near flammable materials like aerosol cans and gasoline. This is unlikely that a few types of explosion or accident may happen, you don’t know before, and it is good to be safe as compared to sorry!

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