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The microwave oven has become a convenient and most essential kitchen appliance, whether this is used for heating up a quick microwavable meal, defrosting frozen food for meal preparation, reheating a plate of leftovers, or warming up a coffee cup. Even you can get recipes of amazing dishes and might not think of baking in ovens such as seafood, chocolate fudge, and spaghetti.

The latest microwaves have designed with more modern features than ever, settings for steaming, convection cooking, and grilling, etc. Microwaves come in various sizes and forms i.e. larger ones can be mounted over the cooking range, built-in to cabinetry or wall, and smaller ones to sit on a countertop. These microwaves not good for bringing much food for one person or larger families living in a little space. There is a need for a compact small size microwave oven to fit in small under-counter spaces for such families.

If you want to buy a good microwave and you are in the market, it is difficult to know which one is the best option for you as the market is full of all available microwaves. We are here with our top products’ reviews and an ultimate guide that might help you to choose the “Best Under Counter Microwave” according to your cooking needs and space.

Key Considerations: Best Under Counter Microwaves

Buying kitchen appliances, particularly when you are unfamiliar with no prior experience is useful. A hunt makes dual tricky as you are purchasing a microwave oven to fit in a compact space. We prefer to buy the under counter microwave. Thus, it needs a particular look out for features instead of checking the overall performance. Just have a look at the detailed discussion of Under Counter Microwaves!

High-Cooking Power

A high-cooking power evaluates how efficient or fast microwave would be for reheating and cooking meals. The greater watts provide powerful and more efficient radio waves.

Many microwaves are equipped with greater power of 500-1000 watts. The majority of people prefer a microwave having the power of 700W or more as such microwaves have great functions on popcorn and meals.

Must consider high power levels. This means kitchen appliances always come with a power control feature. This is because some foods require high cooking temperature or vice versa. You must check the power control feature before giving the last shot to the microwave.


As you want to buy an ‘Under Counter Microwave’ and you have smaller available space to adjust on the countertop, this size must have a special lookout. First of all, measure available compact space below the cabinet where a microwave has to be installed. After that, before purchasing an under-counter microwave, analyze its specifications, and get one that adjusts in compact available kitchen space. You also check that either door has clearance to open or not.

Cooking Functions

Microwaves have convection, grilling, and steaming cooking capacities. These additional features of cooking commonly cost more as compared to those microwaves without such features. However, this is not as powerful as a propane grill, this function of microwave has designed to sear outside food to increase grilled results. The convection microwave uses a similar strategy as its counterparts. The fan blows as well as circulates warm air in the microwave to cook the meal immediately. A convection microwave helps in cooking a crisp or brown meal just like a traditional oven.


A microwave oven must have a good capacity based on the number of family members. You should get a microwave oven having a capacity of as much as 4 cubic feet and as little as 0.5 cubic feet. This is difficult to judge either your microwave will meet your needs or not just depend on the cubic feet alone. The better judgment is to consider the size of the turntable and interior also. Make sure the door opening must be wide and high to adjust a variety of items. Thus consider planning to use for or a number of people also, then buy a microwave oven according to needed capacity.

Turntables & Racks

All microwaves oven has designed with a turntable. It may be rotated or round within a rectangular or circle and can move side to side as well. The turntable has designed to keep meals in greater motion than cooking. The majority of turntables is removable and easy to clean the food stains. When you buy a microwave must consider it has a large turntable to adjust with dinner plates, dishes, or favorite foodstuff.

Some microwaves have designed with different removable racks. They produce shelf storage and you can bake multiple foods at a time. Racks are commonly designed with wires just like racks in the oven.

Child-Lock Feature:

Every home has kids, so this child lock feature is much significant. Without the lock feature, the use of a microwave oven could produce accidental damages as children love to explore. Thus, even for homes having no children around, the feature is useful as unsupervised working produces sudden damages.

Top Picks of Best Under Counter Microwaves

This list of the top under counter microwaves has been created after long research. These microwaves are top-rated and at an affordable cost. Such under counter microwaves share a thin profile and occupy a smaller space to help consumers to get the desired setting based on needs.

  1. Panasonic Stainless Steel Countertop/Built-In Microwave Oven
  2. Toshiba Stainless Steel Black microwave oven
  3. Kenmore Compact 900W Countertop Microwave
  4. Farberware 1100W Microwave Oven
  5. BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave Oven
  6. Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave Oven
  7. Samsung Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Oven

1. Panasonic Stainless Steel Countertop/Built-In Microwave Oven


  • Panasonic Microwave powered by high cooking power of 1250W, a seamless cooking power.
  • Upgraded to a maximum capacity of 2.2 cubic feet, an ideal choice for cooking needs.
  • Supported with ‘Patented Inverter’ technology, produces consistent power for cooking.
  • Defrosting time has sped up by advanced technology of ‘Inverter Turbo Defrost’.
  • Best designed to fulfill the cooking needs of large families in compact spaces.
  • 16.5 inches thinner turntable, lighter, and efficient countertop microwave.
  • Helping you to devote more space to interior capacity, smaller space to electronics.
  • Outside dimensions 19.4 x 14 x 23.9 inches, inside dimensions 18.5 x 10.94 x 18.44 inches.
  • Smart settings of cooking supported with automatic ‘Genius Sensor’, fixes time and power.
  • Quick minute timer, child safety lock, delay start, included up to 14-preset menu items.
  • Keeps desserts, soups, and gravies fresh and warm until the use by the people.

Reasons to Buy

14-Auto Cook Foods: Pizza, Soup, Pasta, Oatmeal, Vegetables, Frozen Entrees, and more.

High-End Look: The pre-programmed efficient buttons, one-touch sensor, 4-digit display, and a sleek-dial offer a high-end look.

Thaws Food Evenly and Quickly: Microwave utilizes a sequencing system depends on the power method of continuous delivery, thaws foods quickly and evenly.

Maintains Foods’ Temperature: Microwave keeps food such as gravies, desserts, soups, vegetables, sauces, and hors d’oeuvres delicious and warm until ready to serve.

Convenience for Food Prep: Modern convenience like a quick minute timer allows you to adjust reheating and cooking times in a minute interval, child safety lock, and delay start features.


  • Finger friendly buttons.
  • Quiet or very low noise level.
  • Proper size, easier to clean.
  • Easily fits in the kitchen.


  • Need to read the manual.

2. Toshiba Stainless Steel Black microwave oven


  • Microwave output power 900 watts and Microwave input power 1350 watts.
  • Upgraded to the rated voltage of 120-60 Hz, timeless design, stylish black microwave.
  • Menu for pre-programmed 6 foods like potato, popcorn, pizza, and more options.
  • Featured with a one-touch start, fast access to initiate microwave from 1-6 minutes.
  • Designed with power-saving eco-mode, child safety lock, sound off and on option.
  • Equipped with a kitchen timer, kitchen clock, and 900W along with 10-power settings.
  • A digital bright display, LED cavity brightness, easy to read the control panel.
  • Long press on the “8” button for 3 to 5 seconds to mute the microwave buzzer.
  • Ideal compact size for home vacation, dorms, apartment kitchens, and offices.
  • After a long beep, the microwave buzzer automatically switched-off, easy grip on the door-handle.
  • Glass turntable of 10.6 inches, mute button, memory functions, different kitchen style.
  • Ideal dimensions of 11.5 x 19.2 x 16.1 inches with 27.3 lbs weight.


  • 10-power levels with 900W.
  • 0.9 cubic feet capacity.
  • 10.6 inches turntable diameter.
  • Easy to read control panel
  • Inter. dimensions 8.7 x 12.36 x 13.66 inches.
  • Ext. dimensions 11.5 x 19.2 x 15.9 inches.

Notable Mentions

  • 6-prest menus.
  • One-touch start button.
  • Feasible defrost.
  • Flexible power functions.
  • Child safety lock.
  • Shock-proof bar.

Reasons to Buy

Larger Capacity & Compact Size: Sufficiently large interior capacity. Microwave is more compact as compared to previous models. This compact size is an ideal choice for dorms, vacation homes, offices, and kitchen apartments. It offers enough space for common dishes.

Bright LED: Microwave has equipped with bright light LED, a powerful cavity light, durable and efficient solution. Toshiba microwave provides a crystal clear interior view as cooking monitors dishes clearly.

Mute Button: Toshiba microwave is designed with a mute button, you have no worry about waking other family members while using it. By pressing a single button, you can simply turn-off end cooking mode and beep sound, turn it on any desired time.

Energy Saving Mode: Decreasing stand power by 50% while using eco-mode. You can save operating costs and energy consumption as well as save the planet.


  • Perfect choice in cheaper price.
  • Good power level for size.
  • Heats faster and easy to install.
  • One-touch silent working.


  • A little noise when first starts, but quiets in a second.

3. Kenmore Compact 900W Countertop Microwave


  • Kenmore microwave has equipped with 0.9 cu. ft. perfect for kitchen apartments, offices, and RVs.
  • Powered by 900W, 10 levels of power settings, a 30 seconds press button, safety lock to save kids.
  • Supported with one-touch preset programs, auto cook for dinner, popcorn, pizza, frozen vegetables.
  • A single touch heating settings, quickly initiate cooking in just 1 to 6 minutes immediately.
  • Touchpad display panel is easy to read, well display LED lighting, timer functions, features clock.
  • Featured with weight defrost settings or time to quickly defrosted the frozen foods.
  • Upgraded to the removable turntable of glass to ensure foods cook evenly, best for food prep.
  • Measures in diameter 11.22 inches, supported with 3.3 inches power cord.
  • Ideal external dimensions are 14.5 x 18.3 x 11.0 inches, the perfect size for a small kitchen. A 30 seconds press button provides a fast way of heating food items, get proper defrosted foods.

Reasons to Buy

Convenient to Use: Kenmore microwave is powered by 900W with 10 levels of power settings. An additional press button of 30 seconds, digital LED display, timer, and touchpad for control panel, make it easy to use.

Presets Options: Good preset options like frozen vegetables, potatoes, popcorn, dinner plates, beverages, and pizza. Preset programs take One-touch auto cook to heating-up your favorite foods.

Fast Defrost Frozen: With the defrost button option, frozen food is defrosted quickly. Just choose weight setting and time, enjoy the perfect defrosted food items.

Quick Start Function: Microwave has equipped with one-touch heating settings. Thus, you can easily initiate cooking time up to 1 to 6 minutes immediately.

Lock-Out Feature: Kenmore Microwave has designed with a special feature of safety lock to save little ones from dangers.

Best for Heating Foods: Microwave has packed with diamond shape for effective concentration of energy. It leaves behind perfectly heated popcorn, potatoes, soup, and pizza.


  • Super easy instructions.
  • Fit easily into a compact space.
  • Superfast cooking operations.


  • When the door opens, the interior light offs.

4. Farberware 1100W Microwave Oven


  • Farberware Microwave has upgraded to a good cooking capacity of 1.2 cubic feet.
  • Perfect size to fit in your kitchen space, a unique feature of dual cooking operations.
  • Powered by maximum cooking power of 1100W with 10-levels of power settings.
  • Premium-black stainless steel design features reduce smudges and fingerprints.
  • Designed with ideal dimensions of 20 x 17 x 12 inches, perfect for cooking needs.
  • Flexible adjustment of cooking power from 10-100%, quick-cooking start function.
  • The One-touch 9-cooking systems help to warm up everyday foods within a few time seconds.
  • Multiple stages of heating functions, flexible adjustment of mid-cycle of cooking.
  • Endless cooking options, double cooking functions, unique microwave, and grill features.
  • Bright light interior LED to look at the cooking process of food, customized settings, memory function.
  • Equipped with a kitchen timer, clock, and proper weight of 39.2 pounds.

Reasons to Buy

Smart Sensor: A multi-stage cooking operations designed by ‘smart sensor’ technology. This adjusts the mid-cycle of the cooking level for a proper finish.

One-touch Cooking: 9 auto-cooking one-touch programs for potato, frozen vegetables, grill combo, meat, beverages, auto reheat, and frozen pizza. Reheat or cook your desired food by just pressing a convenient-button.

Energy Saver Feature: Equipped with a good energy-saver feature helps to save a sufficient amount of energy when the microwave is not in working mode.

Grill Operation: Microwave has designed with unique grill features. It helps you to bake food every time beyond time limitations.


  • A good interior light.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Fast cooking functions.
  • Perfect grilling feature.


  • May have more buttons.

5. BLACK+DECKER Digital Microwave Oven


  • Equipped with pre-programmed buttons used for beverages, pizza, potato, popcorn, vegetables.
  • Powered by maximum cooking power of 1000W along with 10 levels of power settings.
  • Microwave has supported with a kitchen timer, clock function, and 30-seconds for cooking express.
  • Digital display supported by large LED, kids’ safety lock, easy to read control panel.
  • Designed with 12.4 inches glass turntable along with removable features, 39.4 lbs weight.
  • Advanced technology offers to defrost and heating for perfect results without over-backing.
  • Featured with interior light function, a push-button for easy access to door release.
  • A good spacious interior, reheat or cook 1-6 famous food items by just a single touch button.
  • Supported with good capacity of 1.4 cu. ft. weight defrost or time defrosts convenient options.
  • Int. dimensions are 9.80 x 13.82 x 15.98 and ext. dimensions are 12.4 x 20.4 x 16.9 inches.


  • Plastic coating display.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Large space to cook foods.
  • Very fast heating operation.


  • Fingerprints show heavily.

6. Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave Oven


  • Commercial microwave is used for heating up leftovers, preparing snacks, food prep.
  • A double firm construction, compact cabinet to enhance durability, black front display.
  • Easy-grip over the door handle to get control close/open features of the rotary microwave.
  • Rotary and mechanical dial controls, great product for basic and simple operations.
  • Weight defrost and speed help in multiple purposes of kitchen apartment in-home/office.
  • Powered by maximum cooking power of 600W, the timer ranges from 1-30 minutes.
  • Cooking power sets up to 6 levels, a perfect choice for people living in compact areas.
  • Microwave has ideal dimensions of 10.25 x 17.75 x 12.5 inches with 23.1 lbs weight.
  • Supported with commercial settings of high cooking tasks like frozen dinner prep.
  • Glass turntable with removable features, no electronic control over malfunction.


  • Optimal size and easy to use.
  • Digital control and dial design.
  • Higher minutes selections.
  • Perfect for seniors.


  • A little pricy product.

7. Samsung Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Oven


  • Samsun microwave designed with a smart sensor that automatically adjusts the cooking time.
  • Measures both temperature and moisture to offer an optimal range of heating.
  • Supported by the 3-distribution system, heat distribution to prepare food thoroughly and evenly.
  • Easily remove oil or grease from the surfaces, saves from scratches of daily use.
  • Ideal outside dimensions are 18 5/8 x 21 7/8 x 12 5/16 inches.
  • 14.2 inches the glass turntable size, 13.3-ampere circuit features.
  • Designed with 1.4 cubic feet capacity, the sensor cook adjusts the power and time.
  • Powered by high cooking power of 1000W, 10-levels of cooking power settings.
  • Perfect inside/cavity dimensions are 16 1/16 x 14 3/4 x 9 13/16 inches.
  • Clean easily, the interior is made of ceramic enamel, resistant to different scratches.

Reasons to Buy

Ceramic Interior: Interior is made of ceramic enamel, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant. The durable interior offers a published surface that helps in maintenance. Oil or grease remove effortlessly from various surfaces and saves from daily scratches.

Sensor Cook: Microwave has designed with a sensor cook that adjusts the cooking time automatically. Sensor cook gives optimally heated output for leftover pasta, soup, and frozen dinner every time.

Triple-Distribution System: Microwave has designed with efficient ‘triple distribution’ system that allows food to cook thoroughly and evenly.

Eco Mode: Equipped with eco mode to conserve energy by switching off LED display while not in working. Conventional microwaves utilize sufficient power to maintain significant functions even at rest. More convenient eco-mode unplugs the microwave while not working.

LED Display: Add style to your kitchen by striking ice ‘blue LED’. Times and display settings are highly visible and large texts to enhance cooking convenience.

Presets Options: Various cooking preset options cook food at your fingertips along with fresh ingredients. Select multiple preset cooking modes for optimal handmade foods like salmon fillets to boneless chicken and brown rice to green beans, full of flavor and healthy ingredients.


  • Bright display of clock.
  • Quite and smooth operations.
  • A perfect popcorn button.
  • Handy kitchen timer.


  • Inside cover made of black enamel splatter.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Best Under Counter Microwave

The majority of people use microwaves as an essential need of the kitchen for meal preparation. These are easy to use and convenient kitchen appliances. Unlike other microwaves, Under Counter Microwave does not require any kind of preheated action that helps you to save energy. Whether you need to heat a soup bowl or make popcorn, under counter microwave perform the job done in a few minutes.

You are wondered about how microwaves warm the meal so efficiently and quickly. These microwaves have a magnetron part that uses electricity to develop maximum energy radio waves. Such radiations are pushed into interiors of microwaves that bounce-off metal walls. Whether food you are cooking, these radiations causing food molecules to vibrate that heats them up.

However, under counter microwaves work well for various foods. Larger foods take time and do not cook evenly as radio waves penetrate only a few cm into food. A large variety of microwaves are available in the market loaded with additional features such as multiple cooking methods i.e. grilling or steaming and pre-programmed settings to prepare foods. Based on features and sizes, you can get the latest under counter microwave under 20-2000$ cost. Following things must be considered to choose the best microwave for cooking needs.

FAQs: Best Under Counter Microwave

Which Microwave do you need for kitchen?

Microwave depends on the kind of need. For the purpose of preparing popcorn or snacks and reheating meals, an entirely different microwave would be required. An advanced type of microwave is required in place of the oven. For reheating leftovers or making popcorn, a less powerful onboard will perform the work.

Can we install a microwave oven under counter?

Yes, of course. You can install the microwave oven under counter beyond occupying an additional place in your kitchen.

How much space does require around microwave?

Preferably, there must be a 3-inch gap between the area and the microwave to be installed accurately. This will facilitate proper ventilation.

Differentiate between a built-in microwave oven and a top microwave oven?

A built-in microwave is particularly designed and placed below or on the counter. A counter microwave is hidden where to install. Whereas a top-microwave is easily installed on top of your kitchen.

Does convection microwave replace an oven in your kitchen?

Obviously, as compared to traditional ovens, microwave saves time or space and uses less power.

What are the advantages of under counter microwave oven in the kitchen?

An under counter microwave saves your space and time. Microwave has various cooking functions to bake a variety of food items.

Final Thoughts

The best under counter microwaves have reviewed. These microwaves have selected after many hours of long research. Such microwaves have line-up reheating performance and cooking functions as well as affordable price-wise. In most cases, these models have seamlessly updated features and an updated version of the design. Read out the whole article, analyze specs, price, and identifying features. We are pretty confident that this article will help you to get the best microwave which suits your cooking needs!

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