Best Garage Door Opener Reviews

Many people consider that they may live without a garage door opener and they do not need such additional expenditures. Said people go far to convince themselves for closing and opening the garage door. Thus, they can drive home within a storm to realize pull into the driveway. There is a need to have someone who is going to step-out to open the garage door in rain.

The garage door openers are incredibly convenient that allow operating quietly and quickly with the sound of the voice. For getting such a garage opener, there is a need to look into various kinds of available units to ensure the perfect balance of feasible installation, affordability, and convenience.

In the market, multiple openers are present with similar core functionality. Choose a perfect garage opener is a hard task. We have reviewed here the high-rated and best-featured openers for your convenience. Just have a look at this full review article before making a final purchase. It will help you to choose the best one!

Types: Garage Door Openers

While choosing a garage door opener for business or home, you’ve some working mechanisms from which it is selected. Every kind of opener needs a motor that allows the moving of a trolley with a rail that lowers or lifts the door.

Wall-Mounted: This type of garage door opener known as jackshafts utilizes a motor to drive cables and pulleys. It moves the ‘torsion bar’ and the door is raised. This will work for all kinds of garage doors as well as big space savers. However, this is quite expensive.

Belt-Drive: It uses a reinforced steel rubber belt to lower and lift the garage door that allows moving smoothly and quietly. If you’ve living quarters present above the garage, then a belt-drive is a better option. However, this may need a little maintenance as compared to others.

Chain-Drive: This chain-drive is the most common garage door opener for several years. This may utilize a metal chain to run the trolley for closing and opening the door. The chain-drives will produce more noise and vibration as compared to other types. However, they have sufficiently low cost than others.

Direct-Drive: By a direct-drive unit, the motor works as a trolley that means the full motor can run with rail. As such systems do not have many moving components, thus they run quietly and smoothly with minimal vibrational sound.

Screw-Drive: This opener requires fewer moving components and maintenance to monitor. Such drive utilizes a threaded rod for closing and opening the garage door that functions better with heavier and wider doors. A screw-drive tends to move smoothly and quietly than other units.

Top Picks

1. The Workhorse, Heavy-Duty Chain Drive, Wall Mount, Sectional Garage Door Opener

Workhorse opener has designed with heavy-duty chain-drive and ¾ Horsepower. DC motor is a force behind the garage door. Doesn’t matter either garage door is a double sectional 16’x7′ or a single sectional 8’x7′, a motorhead reliably and quickly closes or opens the garage door.

This Workhorse includes LED security light (100W) 1500 lumen, remote control with a single button, door control, and a safety system of photo-eye with Clear-Com technology. BU100 opener offers quiet and smooth operations. Its installation needs no particular tools.

It has a durable and reliable performance along with a chain drive of reinforced high-grade steel. Powerful motor opens the tall sectional door of 7′ with security and safety. All BeamUP units have video tutorials, telephone support services, and simple installation manuals. The remote control is supported with dual burst technology.


  • Works well and saves a lot of money.
  • Incredibly simple installation.
  • Super quiet motor and quality opener.


  • Customer service could be improved.

2. Chamberlain Direct-Drive, Wall-Mounted Garage Door Opener

The Wall-mount garage door opener is mounted on the wall just next to the door. It frees the huge space overhead as well as minimizes vibrations in the home. Supporting with latest technologies, a garage door opener contains myQ that enables smartphone control and monitoring. The myQ app gives access to alerts and customized notifications. It is designed with security+2.0, full encryption tech, gives peace of mind, and prevents hacking.

The garage door opener includes top accessories and heavy-duty construction such as automatic lock, remote light, instruction manual, multi-functional wall control, and 3-button triple-band remote to ensure your home is always secured. Gain convenient control and safety to save space via protector safety sensors.
A rigorous quality unit with testing to make long-lasting performance. It gives peace of mind with nearly silent operations via eliminating whole vibrations.


  • Great instructions and simple to install.
  • Excellent manual and quiet features.


  • Not good for heavy doors.

3. Genie QuietLift, Smart Wi-Fi, ¾ HPC Belt-Drive, Garage Door Opener

Genie garage door opener provides a DC-motor that is paired with a reinforced belt of steel. It makes the opener quiet and an ideal choice to use for garage doors. Smart WiFi technology makes your garage a part of the smart home. It can be turned into a Wi-Fi garage with a free smartphone app of Aladdin Genie Connect. It allows setting online keys for users via the said app.

The Genie opener has designed with ‘intellicode’ technology to avoid unauthorized individuals from access. It is equipped with 3-button, 2 preprogrammed opener remotes, an exterior wireless keypad, and a control panel wall for efficient setup. A belt drive system reinforced with steel adds value, strength, and durability. This also has a vacation lock and independent light-button for enhanced security.

Use this opener with Alexa and Google Assistant to connect your home seamlessly. Genie is simple to install and has a DC motor power of ¾ HPC. The motor lifts quietly and smoothly 7’ tall sectional garage door of 500 pounds. It ensures family safety via safety sensors as well as help to avoid accidents of IR light beam.


  • Good quality and simple to use.
  • Gives peace of mind with smooth operations.
  • Easy installation and simple to program.


  • Smart integration could be more improved.

4. SKYLINK Atoms 1/2HPF Chain-Drive Garage Door Opener

Skylink garage door opener powered by 1/2HPF motor that gives extremely smooth and quiet operations. It includes LED 12W for long-lasting illumination, one-button remote control, 7 Ft sectional rail, push button, and rolling code technology. Such opener features a soft stop and soft start work to decrease wear and tear on mechanical and motor components.

A backup battery along with LED keeps the opener functional regarding power outage. This can also use an in-car garage remote to control it. For enhanced safety, AT-116 built-in via rolling code technology to generate a particular code for the remote function. Such encrypted code is significantly different from the older one to prevent nearby people from accidentally open the garage doors via skyline remote.

Chain-drive opener delivers better performance along with IR safety sensor and rail assembly. Super easy installation directions via 7-ft rail on the 7-ft large door with all mounting hardware. It is soft-stop and soft-start commonly accelerates to high speed as well as slows down before stopping. It would maximize the life and reduce the vibrations of mechanical parts.


  • Great opener and fantastic price.
  • Easy to set-up and quiet operations.
  • One remote and lifts a double door.


  • Outdated manual needs attention.

5. Chamberlain Group 2-Button Clicker Universal Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain group garage door opener keeps you working with 2-buttons which control two kinds of bands individually. It is simple to program a remote that is compatible with 90% with respect to all other garage openers in North America. This also includes great brands of LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman, and Genie. Whenever you want to replacing, adding, consolidating, and updating remotes, said remote is the best one to work.

A rigorous testing quality ensures the encryption to avoid hacking and 800 feet extreme range for quick access. This also controls myQ light accessories and gate operators. It includes an instructional manual, 3V coin lithium cell battery, and visor clip.

Featured with 2-buttons to control 2 garage gates and doors. The opener withstands long-life battery features. It also works with 2 kinds of brands. The programming is very easy as well as programs wirelessly with the garage door. There is no need to install or cut wiring an unsightly receiver. The clicker is compatible with Overhead Door, Craftsman, Stanley, Genie, Chamberlain, Wayne Dalton, LiftMaster, and Linear.


  • Easy to read directions.
  • Simple to program and install.
  • A tiny, hard, and very thin plastic unit.


  • DIP switches hard to find out.

6. Genie Chain-Drive 2, 3-Button Remotes Garage Door Opener

Enjoy the reliability and power of this Genie chain-drive long-lasting garage door opener. It is powered by DC-motor to operate the door quietly with soft-stop and soft-start. This is an easy-to-install and low-maintenance chain-drive opener. It has a pre-assembled factory chain and there is no need for cables for this chain drive. This also has a strong rail system of 5-piece that simply snaps together without hardware needed.

It is equipped with ‘Intellicode’ technology, diagnostic technology, and GenieSense monitoring which avoids unauthorized individuals from the garage door opening. The Genie garage door opener includes safety sensors of Safe-T-Beam to ensure family safety from IR light. The chain-drive opener is compatible with a 7-ft tall garage door and 8-ft high garage door. It offers many accessories for convenience and safety.

Also provides 2-preprogrammed 3 buttons opener remotes that help to open the door from a vehicle. It has a maintenance-free gearbox and a precision machined motor. This works with car remote control like Car2U and Home Link beyond extra hardware such as repeaters and bridges. A keyless wireless keypad offers the ability to open doors with a personal security code. A wall console with multi-functions works as a control panel that gives a vacation lock and control button for light.


  • Easy installation with simple instructions.
  • Excellent opener with quiet functions.


  • Customer service could be improved.

7. Chamberlain Group Craftsman/Chamberlain/LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

It adds convenience to control and access your LiftMaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman garage door opener beyond using a remote key or remote control. Chamberlain keyless gives wireless installation to allow 4 digit security pin to close and open the garage door. This is developed for hassle-free programming and installation. It includes a weather cover for protection as well as seamless fitting into every designed home.

Chamberlain works with various brands of garage door openers since 1933 and opens via safety sensors. It is upgraded to single button closure, program, and installs the battery or keyless entry beyond installation. The wireless programming has set-up in seconds and eliminates the requirements of electrical connections. A temporary pin may be programmed regarding guests or deliveries. This makes sure the opener is working with a light bulb as it is a type of programming indicator.


  • Super easy to install and program.
  • A convenient addition and works effectively.


  • Instructions could be improved.

Key Considerations for Buying a Garage Door Opener

Traditionally, a garage door opener is a simple unit. However, due to many household things, technological advancements have found hardware of garage door openers. For buying a perfect opener for your garage door, there are some cool considerations. These are discussed here that automate your process of closing and opening a garage door.

Close automatically:

Commonly, if you forget to close the garage door, there are the set-up of some systems that help in automatically open or close the door after a particular time interval.

Backup Battery:

Must power be out at house as drive-up with the vehicle, a few garage openers have a backup battery. So, they still work and allow to exit the vehicle inside the garage door instead caught an outside rainstorm.


Many garage door openers ship via a wall mount press from the inner side of the garage along with remote control devices that you put in the vehicle. A few would have a keypad that places outside the door. Thus, you may use a code and open your garage door.


A horsepower measurement is commonly shortened to ‘HP’ that describes a powerful motor in a garage door opener. This motor along with a larger measurement of horsepower will quickly close and open the garage door. It is also able to overcome heavier doors and larger handles. The motors in between 1HP and 1/2HP are generally used for residential garage doors.

A Security Code:

Your opener unit must be designed with some kind of rolling or encryption code technology. It would help to avoid hacker problems that access your code of garage door opener.

Security Lights:

The latest garage door openers are built with at least 2 bulbs of bright light and these lights activated via motions. However, a few cheaper or older garage door openers have limited light bulbs. It does not help the garage door to darken effectively via shadows.

Smart Control:

Several modern garage door openers help to connect with the Wi-Fi network. Then, you can close and open the garage door with the help of a smartphone application. Such kinds of apps will provide an alert on a smart devices as the door opens for a particular time period.


Which is the better size of garage door opener?

Many garage door openers are designed with all configurations and sizes. But, if the garage door is sufficiently tall, there is a need for a long rail to accommodate this height as well. You must need additional horsepower when you have double or heavy doors.

How do program some garage door opener?

All garage door openers have a ‘Learn’ press button virtually. Press this button to pair the remote with the opener. This must initiate an indicator light for 30-60 seconds. When it is lit, hold and push the main close or open button present on the remote until the light starts blinking. Such blinking light allows the garage door to be programmed with a remote.

How do install any garage door opener unit?

Right installation of the garage door opener to work effectively and safely is a crucial process. There is a need of hiring some professionals. However, if you follow the DIY method, the below steps are required;

  1. Make sure you’ve entire the necessary parts and tools after reading instructions.
  2. Now assemble the tube of carriage according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  3. Join the carriage tube at the main power system, particularly on the front side.
  4. To secure the carriage tube, mount the header bracket to the wall door.
  5. From the ceiling, hang the main power unit.
  6. Wire the control box opener and mount it to the wall.
  7. Link connector bracket at door and attach to carriage arm.
  8. Finally, plugin the safety sensor unit to avoid closing anything while working.

How does a garage door open manually?

A garage door has designed with a manual cable that disconnects from the chain opener to open it manually. Some sort of little key can be utilized to open the cable manually. Now pull down the cord to open the garage door. Lift it with hands, pushing up to stay in place. It does not fall back.


When there is a frequent need for a garage for multiple cars, then garage door openers are a suitable choice. This might be perfect for you if you cannot bear chain drive’s sound while closing and opening. This utilizes a belt drive to close and lift the garage door to ensure quieter or smoother operations.

It has designed with two types of remote controls that can open doors whenever you arrive. It also has a keypad with wireless keyless to make easy access to the garage door, when your remote controls have misplaced. This also includes a wall control along with a light button and vacation lock.

Garage door openers have manufactured with stable safety sensors to avoid any type of mishaps in the garage. It functions with Alexa as well as compatible with ‘Google Assistant’. It helps you to control and monitor the garage door by smartphone.

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