Invisible Dog Fence Reviews & Buyers Guide

Invisible dog fences are the best for dog freedom while avoiding them from crossing the outer boundaries. These fences are based on negative reinforcement principles to prevent dogs from straying. As they arrive at some boundary, they’ll get an electric shock.

Security and safety must be a basic priority for your dog. As dogs are rebellious and curious creatures to take each experience in the world around them. Even a well-trained pup would have some moments of bad judgments.

Invisible fences are also known as wireless fences or underground fences. A complete kit normally includes training flags, probes, the wire bury underground, a digital transmitter, and a collar receiver.

Many dog owners like underground or wireless fences over physical fences due to multiple reasons;

Good Alternative: Dogs could not tear through or dig under the invisible dog fences. Because they can do this with conventional outdoor kennels or physical fences.

Quick Maintenance: An electrical fence is set up with quick maintenance as compared to above ground, physical fence.

Less Expensive: Underground and Wireless dog fences are less costly while installing a physical dog fence costs many dollars.

Maintain Outdoor Scenery: The implementation of an invisible yard fence helps to build owners to maintain an outdoor view. Whereas outdoor kennel or physical fence blocks your outdoor view as well.

Types of Invisible Dog Fences

The invisible dog fences have two major types;


This type of invisible dog fence uses radio signals or GPS computers to identify fence perimeter. It communicates with respective dog collars to determine either dog is traveling towards predetermined boundaries or not. There is no need for complex installation, wires, or digging. The units are portable and boundary lines can be fixed based on needs. These are not permanent and can set up in 1 to 2 hours as well. However, a few units may be interrupted by radio or signal reception.


An underground fence is a string of wire that is dug into the yard’s perimeter. The main transmitter unit is connected with a physical perimeter that helps communicate boundary information with the collar. A perimeter is customized fully according to the yard as well as underground perimeters don’t fluctuate. However, its complex process of installation is done by some professionals. This isn’t portable as well. There is a need for a digging path around the yard.


Just have a glance at our TOP PICKS before choosing any invisible dog fence system. We’ve checked many products that are best-selling along with top-rated reviews. You just have a quick look on these mentioned reviews and their benefits. This will help you to make a right selection.

1. PetSafe YardMax, In-Ground Rechargeable, INVISIBLE FENCE Brand for Dogs and Cats

YardMax Invisible Fence will maximize the yard space and pets have sufficient room as compare to conventional under-ground fences. It has correction right in boundary wire than before. This fence gives 5-levels of flexible static correction along with a ‘tone-only style to secure your pets inside the protective area. The included wire is 500 feet cover-up more than 1/3 acre yard as well as buy additional cable to cover 10 acres. Flexible to adjust in many yards and you can do it by yourself at weekend. Its reentry is static-free to help your dog come back home beyond correction when crossing the boundary. A fence kit includes a waterproof and receiver collar that is rechargeable. It fits to neck size range 6-8 inches and adjusts easily dogs of 5 pounds. You can also get an additional collar and this fence helps to protect unlimited pets. A fence collar functions with outdoor and indoor Away Pawz dog boundaries to keep pet animals away from off-furniture and flower beds.


  • A transmitter and power adapter
  • Surge safer
  • 50-training flags
  • Rechargeable fence with an adjustable collar
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Waterproof wire nuts and splice capsules
  • 500-ft (20 gauge) solid copper wire


  • Cheap product and easy to install.
  • Quick to learn and understand.
  • Dogs easily recognize boundaries.


  • Fence could be lengthier.

2. PetSafe Stubborn Dog, INVISIBLE FENCE Brand, In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats

An invisible dog fence creates a protective area up to 1/3 acre along with 500 feet strong wire. You can also buy an additional wire to maximize the yard area of more than 25 acres. It is designed with a receiver collar along with a tone-only vibration mode. This fence has up to 4 protection levels with static correction. It helps to judge the pet’s response while training. Tone-only vibration mode allows learning the new boundaries as well as secure the yard in hard hearing times. A fence installation is very simple and you can do it by yourself at weekend to fit the yard’s size and shape. This stubborn dog fence has a waterproof receiver collar that easily adjusts dogs up to 8 pounds and fits to neck size range 6-28 inches (6-months dogs or older). Different styles of collars are available with respect to every pet in the family. Live happily with your pets by training them with just a 2-weeks training guide!


  • Variable receiver collars
  • 4-levels of protection with static correction
  • 500-feet strong fence wire
  • Tone plus vibration style
  • Adjustable to yard’s shape or size


  • Good quality fence and dog has freedom to run.
  • Best price with tons of great features.


  • Set-up is slightly complicated.

3. Extreme Dog Fence, Second Generation, 2020- Standard Grade

The extreme dog fence is upgraded to 2nd generation and contains one dog for more than 1/3 acre. It covers more than 6 acres with an additional 20 gauge wire. It is designed to maximize the compatibility mode with more collar choices. This fence also includes 3 antennas and a powerful battery. The receiver collar is waterproof and submerged deep up to 10′. Your pets can enjoy swimming without affecting its working features. A fence kit includes a splice, collar receiver, strong protective jacket, training flags, digital transmitter, and battery. In-ground dog fence has a one-year limited warranty and it exceeds up to 5-years after yard registration. It’ll secure your pets as well as has been manufactured for 25-years. This fence also carries a stellar reputation regarding performance and reliability.

A digital indoor transmitter runs on two variable frequencies to stop interruption from nearby yard systems. It gives up to seven levels of static correction. The fence’s outdoor boundary cable has covered with a protective jacket of polyethylene for UV resistance. It also includes a detailed installation guide along with a training manual.


  • 7-levels of correction
  • Digital transmitter
  • Powerful battery and 3-antennas
  • Outdoor boundary wire
  • Flexible receiver collar
  • Protective polyethylene jacket
  • One year or enhanced warranty


  • Provides great customer service.
  • Works great with good quality features.
  • Good deal for the cost.


  • Regarding of documentations.

4. PetSafe Boundary Wire, 500 FT & 150 FT, INVISIBLE FENCE Brand, Electric Dog & Cat Fence

Invisible dog fence covers up to 1/3 acres by 500 feet cable. The wire’s length will be variable due to layout and twisted wire according to selection. Also includes copper wire with 20-guage solid core for direct burial. Allows you a perfect installation with detailed guidelines. Wire connectors and splice capsules are gel-filled for batter performance and sold separately. PetSafe fence brand is a trusted leader at global level regarding pet lifestyle, containment, and behavior innovations for 30-years. So, it ensures your pets’ health and safety. In-ground fence has waterproof and durable features as well as detailed installation guide with step by step instructions. You can do it by yourself at weekend. Your pets can enjoy freedom to play with the help of additional receiver collars.


  • Additional receiver collars
  • 500-feet strong wire
  • Waterproof and durable features
  • Simple installation
  • Variable wire length


  • Great customer support service.
  • Reliable features and easy installation.


  • Expensive dog fence.

5. SportDOG In-Ground Fence System, INVISIBLE FENCE Brand, Underground Wire Electric Fence, Remote Trainer Option

SportDog Invisible Fence is convenient to install as well as includes everything required to cover the area of around 1/3 acres. It can be maximized up to 100 acres with the help of more flags and wires. The fence is upgraded to rechargeable collar attributes and powered by a lithium-ion battery along with 2 hours fast charging and 1-2 months life span. This rechargeable fence has a sleeker and smaller collar as compared to SDF-100A. It is submersible and waterproof up to 25 feet by dryer technology. This yard covers an unlimited number of your pets via additional collars and adjusts dogs having 10 pounds or more. The receiver collar provides vibrational warning or buzz and tone-only mode or beep before changing to 1 of 7 levels of static stimulation. The invisible fence has transmitter features of cable break alarm as well as designed within lightning protector with 2 years limited warranty. A good customer support center regarding 100 flags, charging cable, all life steps, 1000 feet wire, and collar receiver.


  • 1000-ft strong wire
  • Waterproof up to 25 ft.
  • 1-7 levels of static stimulation
  • Charging cable and 100 flags
  • Receiver collar


  • Sufficiently long wire with straightforward system.
  • Stress free fence that worth every penny.


  • Installation of fence needs time.

6. Professional, Wired Underground Dog Fence, Electric Dog Fence Wire

This is a highly recommended fence and the best option for your lovely pets in any area, even having the risks of wear and tear like cold weather conditions and rocky situations. It functions extremely well as well as super easy to train your pets in homes. This is a thicker and professional-grade fence wire. It will worth the money and has a detailed, simple installation guide. Professional dog fence has a 20-gauge wire having a double protective thickness. It gives sturdy protection around the core. The fence is 1500-ft for maximum coverage of more than 2 acres. Supreme protection provides resistance against water exposure and UV rays. This yard gives a good compatible mode at a universal level along with entire fence systems, wired applications, and brands.


  • Maximum coverage up to 2 acres
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Dual protective thickness
  • Greater length 1500 feet wire
  • Extremely well operations


  • Professional grade and thicker wire.
  • Works extremely well and easy to train pets.
  • Easy installation and worth the money.


  • Wire could be sheathing.

Important Features of an Invisible Dog Fence System

The invisible dog fence systems such as wireless, under-ground, and semi-wireless units may differ in terms of efficiency and performance. However, they work similarly and serve the same function as well as use multiple parts. As you buy the right fence unit for property or dog, there are many significant factors that need to consider.

Capabilities & Coverage Area

A wireless dog fence system is capable to cover the designated area effectively. The two kinds of invisible dog fences get such feat much differently. You must take a look at the property to analyze which is better for your pup.

A wireless system is based on a central transmitter which is placed in the middle of the property. This produces a regular radius that a dog couldn’t pass. This radius size may vary from one manufacturer to other. A smaller unit covers approximately 1-acre of land, whereas a robust system covers more than 100 acres.

A semi-wireless unit is slightly different. Antennae wires have been used to develop boundary, instead of relying on the central transmitter. The fenced area and its size will be based on strength of the attached transmitter and wire length. Its major advantage is you can develop any form which you want.

Many properties have a rectangular shape, thus you can simply go to the property limit as well as cover the entire perimeter. You can also go for irregularly shaped hurdles like buildings and gardens.

System Effectiveness

You just need to notice the system’s effectiveness in developing a strong boundary, beyond the maximum coverage area. A semi-wireless unit is mostly demanded as there are a few hurdles to work around. As you need to bury an antennae cable, make sure the rest fence system is functioning. A complete wireless unit can be effected via a lot of things. Going through wood or metal, transmitters often have a tough time. Cars, metal siding, and roofs from the driveway produce interference. For successful system working, the transmitters should be adjusted on plane terrain, without neighboring metal objects.

System-Collar Limits

If you’ve different dogs, make sure an invisible fence system that you select must accommodate various collars. A few units are constructed for a single dog, but others help you to add different collars. This is good to do practice at once time. One dog on fence unit while another move freely on boundaries surely jeopardize practice. If all dogs are connected, analyze the unit limits to observe.

Convenient Installation & Use

Many invisible fence systems vary dramatically regarding the installation process and user experience. Commonly, a wireless dog fence system has convenient installation. You have to set up the transmitter effectively and start setting boundaries. However, a semi-wireless fence system is slightly labor-intensive. It needs to bury the antennae cable. Particularly designed instruments simplify unit which does not function with a shovel. A system wire is buried underground at least one foot to ensure this is not dug up by a dog. Once the fence unit is established, you just have to manage collar settings.

Advantages of Invisible Dog Fence

Reasonable Price: There are cheap models of conventional fences, the neighborhood codes commonly highlight the allowed construction materials. A few construction elements are costly like iron or wood as well as labor is an additional factor. An invisible dog fence is less expensive even when installed professionally.

Adaptability: An invisible dog fence functions on any kind of terrain, but traditional fences work on gently sloping or flat yards. The invisible fence spans water, hilly places, and wooded areas. An electrical fence also covers maximum acres of ground regarding each design to produce greater exercise areas.

Aesthetics: The dog fences are invisible and such barriers don’t interfere visually with green spaces or scenic views to increase feelings of outdoors as well. So, people can freely move without hassle of closing or opening gates around the yard. An inconvenience regarding outlining flags is not permanent. As dog recognizes the electrical fence’s boundaries, outlining flags are removed.

Convenience: The invisible dog fence is installed quickly as compared to traditional enclosures. Laying and trenching wires will take little time that those of rolling wire, nailing boards, laying posts, and welding iron.

Reliability: Many dogs with ability to dig under, chew through, and climb over the fences are better contained with respect to an invisible dog fence.

Low Human Error: The majority of pet owners may forget to shut the door. Thus an invisible yard decreases the escape error within busy households along with large foot traffic.

Protection: The intruders are deterred via a dog’s presence within a yard. This is because they are not realize about dog either he is normally able to reach them or not.

Limitations of Invisible Dog Fence

Need Training: A dog must know about where the fence is, to ensure success. It needs a particular period of training where the dog and his owner walk the fence’s perimeter considering flags. Many fencing industries commonly give training protocol as well as spend working time along with dogs and owners.

Insufficient Protection: An invisible fences secure dogs by avoiding them to leave the fence. They don’t avoid dangers of entering yard. Wild animals and stray dogs can still reach fence and interact rudely with pet dogs.

Boundary Frustration: A few dogs behave as agitated as they notice neighborhood dogs romp freely as well as realize they can’t join in. It is frustrating for them when nearby dogs play or tease out of boundary. Commonly, sociable dogs are frustrated as they notice human approach or dog, but couldn’t greet them as well.

Discomfort: Many invisible fences contain audible warning rather than an electric impulse. The dogs learn quickly to avoid the shock and to respect the beep. An electric impulse is discharged as a dog ignores some type of audible signals. This impulse can startle dog. However, if the apparatus is set properly, this isn’t much painful.

Reliability: When the power supply is interrupted via a dead battery or cut wire within collar, an escape may be a possibility. Luckily, many dog respect perimeter as they remember the primary training even when the fence isn’t electrified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which type of electrical dog fence is good for an irregular garden?

If a garden has irregular-shaped rockeries and corners, it can trouble by a wireless fence system. A wireless dog fence is good for flat gardens which are not much irregular. Thus, you must prefer an in-ground fence instead of a wireless fence. A dog may enjoy maximum roam ability and it is placed 10-feet away from the garden boundary.

Q. Is an electrical dog fence hurt any dog?

It is a common concern and has a negative answer. A correction shock couldn’t damage them. This startles to capture their interest. If you are worried about them, then many receiver collars have flexible settings. Thus, the strength of correction can be adjusted.

Q. Does a wireless dog fence system work?

Yes, of course. A wireless fence works and everything set up effectively. However, this system must be treated and reviewed just like training aid instead of a secure fence. The chance of a gap in signal is always present due to obstructions. Analyze no bigger metal objects that could interrupt the signals.

Q. What is the maximum coverage area for underground dog fence?

The average radius is between ½ to ¾ acre. An in-ground dog fence system can extend things according to your demand. However, this will cost sufficiently much in accessories and wiring. You shall require significant elements within a great digging deal to bury wires.

Q. Is anything affect wireless fence’s signals?

Yes, all heavy metals compromise wireless fence signals. Make sure you do not have an oven, electrical junction, AC unit, and fridge in this way. A wireless transmitter should be located 3-feet away from larger objects. Trees, cars, and walls also weak fence signals.

Q. How much does an electrical dog fence cost?

A wireless dog fence system costs around 100$ to 350$. Generally, this comes in a kit having one collar, remote control, and flags. An extra collar retails between 75$ to 100$. A professionally installed in-ground fence system and dog trained process cost around 2000-3000$. However, if you like to do it by yourself, it can be 300-400$.

Q. Can we apply it for multiple dog species?

Absolutely, you can apply both in-ground and wireless fences for many dog species. But, the kit contains only one e-collar. Additional e-collar has cost around 50-150$. This is good to go at a greater price end. More accurate collars have a higher quality that guarantees effective management.


If you know what to consider, finding an invisible dog fence is very simple. Before everything, be sure you are comfortable with the concept of applying static correction on dogs. It’ll jolt pooch via some shock similar to static shocks that you experience by yourself with the passage of time. With the idea of such a kind of correction, make sure the desired fence has a proper coverage area regarding outdoor space that needs to secure.

You must consider the installation of such invisible fences that may be tricky as well as need digging to bury some wires. However, this job couldn’t carry out comfortably by yourself as well. You must notify the cost of installation while you are budgeting.

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