Maintain An Above Ground Swimming Pool *Free Guide*

So you may have an above water swiming pool, awesome! You must be pretty excited to use it, we bet you are. Now before you start using it, you have to know about pool maintenance to use it for a long period of time. You must keep your pool clean to better use!

In this guide, we are going to explain maintenance of above ground swimming pools..You have made quite a lot of investment in the above ground swimming pool and you ought to keep your investment safe. Just follow our guide to maintaining above ground swimming pool.

Some Problems of Above Ground Pools Before we got into the above ground pool maintenance here are the most common pool problems in brief:

1. Cloudy water- this happens because of the improper or poor pool filtration system and water circulation.

2. Algae growth and development- This one happens the same way as cloudy water forms. It can also happen if you don’t treat the chemicals properly. Improper chemical treatment in above ground pool maintenance can also result in skin irritation, burning eyes, and body odor.

3. Constant clogging of the filer- Poor maintenance of the filtration system is the reason why it happens.

Pool Water Balancing

This is the most important aspect of the pool service maintenance of the above-ground swimming pool. Water balancing is really important if you want healthy water. You have to use the testing kits and that will ensure you have achieved a proper and safe balance. The alkalinity of water must be within 80-120 ppm. The pH of the water should be 7.2-7.6, the calcium count must be 250-440 pm, and the chlorine count needs to be 2.0 to 4.0. You must check it on regular basis to make sure chemical levels are balanced!

Also, the saltwater pool maintenance and balancing will stop the growth and formation of any algae. If there is too much alkaline content in the pool water, then it will reduce the chemical effects of chlorine in pool water. So make sure the pH level is balanced! You can use the alkalinity enhancer or reducer to balance this. You have to maintain the chlorine and calcium levels because chlorine will kill bacteria formation and the calcium will hard water buildup.

Sanitizing Pool Water

This is another way of killing bacteria and algae formation in a pool. Chlorine is the most effective and most used pool water sanitizer. It is called the best pool cleaner. You will get it in different forms like tablets, sticks, or granules. There are also a few more alternative sanitizers which are becoming popular recently. A lot of people nowadays don’t want to increase the chlorine content of their above-ground swimming pool; this is why they use the alternative pool water sanitizers. You can use the cartridge filtration system as a pool sanitizer. A lot of pool professionals recommend the use of Nature2 CF mineral sanitizer as the best pool cleaner too. It reduces the presence of excessive chlorine or chlorine residues.

The Cartridge filtration system is very easy to use, simple in installation and it is also very budget-friendly. if you want to use only chlorine you recommend only use stabilized chlorine! It is a processed one and thus, it does not get wasted because of the sun’s damaging rays. The processed chlorine lasts longer and they are more effective than any normal chlorine. For automatic swimming pool service, you can keep the chlorine in automatic feeders, floaters, or skimmers. You have to test them every week once at least.

Water Clarification

This swimming pool service is done by using a pool clarifier. It eradicates the cloudiness caused by, sunscreen lotions, oils, and cosmetics. Thus it will keep the pool free of the chemicals and will help in preventing any skin irritation for swimmers who want to have some fun time in it. This one is also a great way for preventing algae from developing. You can opt for the synthetic clarifiers. The petroleum-based clarifiers are eco-friendly and they don’t have any toxic or harsh elements. These clarifiers are very much effective.

Shock Treatments

This is also another way of pool cleaning service. It prevents the chloramines from contaminating the water. Chlorine treatment (a form of concentrated chlorine) is being used to breaks down the chloramines. If you do this, the pool will not form any debris and also it will oxidize the organic contaminants. Thus, the pool will soon become free of chlorine and the pool water crystals will become clear.

Apart from reducing chloramines, it also kills any residual algae. Thus, it prevents skin irritation, eye problems due to unhealthy pool water, skin odor because of contamination like hair spray, suntan, oil, and urine. You can make two types of pool cleaning services by shock treatments. One is chlorine and the other is non-chlorine. If you discover hard water areas, then there is also shock available for them. Sometime you may found algae deposition in your pool! You can follow. these steps:

Shock the pool and continue the water circulation for 24 hours.

You have to brush and vacuum the complete pool.

Get an algaecide that is perfect for your algae problem and then brush up the pool again and repeat it daily.

You have to check the chlorine level and add a bit more chlorine if necessary. Also, clean the filter.

Checking The Pool

Walls If there is a bump or dent on the outside walls of the pool, then you cannot imagine what and what not can get into the pool. Opt for an above ground swimming pool repair immediately. Kids or adults standing on the top rail of the wall can create the bumps, tree limbs or even small branches that can also damage pool walls.

Protect The Pool Liner

You have to protect the pool liner by having a good water balance. If the chlorine level is super high all time, then it makes vinyl brittle. The pool liners contain vinyl and this is way too much chlorine in the pool water can cause erosion on the pool liners and you have to get a pool repair.

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