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Nowadays, many people are suffered from an extra 10 pounds or obesity and lookout a quick way to lose a few pounds weight. The best option is exercise along with a healthy diet program. However, there are certain weight loss products like over the counter (OTC) that make various thin quick promises. Such weight loss patches ensure easy and fast weight loss functions. But, a few weeks ago, we were reviewing many weight loss patches and pills online, and accidentally found ‘MintLyfe Patch’ as well as its various reviews. We have wished we found it earlier, this would have saved us from many heartaches. Does a MintLyfe weight loss patch originally function and ensure health security? Let’s check out.

Key Considerations: Before Purchasing a MintLyfe Patch

The ‘patches’ of weight loss are a little like ‘pills’ of weight loss. Both of them perform similar functions. They are only differentiated in their form of ingestion. The weight loss patches get stuck firmly to the skin and the pills are swallowed.

This is heart breaking when a person can’t shed excess fat and not highlight life threatening harms produce by being obese or overweight. Every time, a new diet can’t perform very well, this takes away some essential things from an individual.

We would recommend such ‘MintLyfe Patches’ to any overweight person, particularly those people who have struggled with various options beyond getting a perfect solution. In case, if you have sensitive or thin skin, then a weight loss patch is not the right option, at all. This may cause some kind of discomfort. Moreover, MintLye patch can’t be used by those people who have some heart problems.

You need to try out pills for weight loss instead of the MintLyfe patch. We also recommended that talk with some physician about various options and consider which the best is for you.

If an individual does not have sensitive skin, then you must consider the following things before purchasing one;

  • How your skin should be sensitive to adhesive patches.
  • Which brand to buy.
  • If you suffer from some kinds of heart problems.

Working Mechanism of MintLyfe Patch

The MintLyfe weight loss patch made of valuable ingredients that work in the body via accelerating the rate of metabolism. An enhanced metabolism stimulates the faster process of fat burning.

Amazingly, MintLyfe patch can penetrate into the deeper and inner cells of the skin in which fats are stored. Its ingredients have hastened the metabolic process, thus accelerating the breakdown of fats within these body cells.

MintLyfe patch decreases the sugar absorption as well as fats into your body. It leads to weight loss in a considerable amount along with the removal of toxins and enhanced blood circulation in just a couple of weeks.

Ingredients and Advantages of MintLyfe Patch

A key feature of MintLyfe patch is its notable ingredients. These are mostly organic and sourced from the region of ‘Asia’. We have explored some ingredients and advantages of MintLyfe patch here;


One significant ingredient is ‘Mint’ as denoted by the name itself. It is produced from a rare mint plant in Japan that has weight loss features. Said mint plant variety has existed only in the Japanese region and known as ‘Hokuto Mint’.

Menthol is an important compound found in this mint plant. This compound accelerates the rate of metabolism as well as improves the process of food digestion in your body.

This Menthol compound obtains from ‘Kokuto-mint has infused within the ‘MintLyfe’ patch. As you stuck this weight loss patch on your skin, the body absorbs as well as breaks down the fat cells. This also improves the rate of metabolism and influences its user to get rid of obesity.


The Korean-Ginseng, an ingredient of MintLyfe patch includes ‘anti-oxidants’ that help in the suppression of appetite. Whereas the Menthol compound burns the fats that are already existed and Ginseng controls the amount of food you eat. Hence, this controls the intake of calories as well as the burn of calories.


The Capsaicin ingredient is an essential constituent of pepper. This can improve blood circulation as well as boost the rate of metabolism. The greater rate of metabolism will burn more fats within a shorter period of time.

All these features of MintLyfe patches work together to shed intake of calories and burn more body fats. This leads to loss of weight within a couple of days.

Mintlyfe Patch: Review

The MintLyfe patch known as the ‘abdomen treatment’ patch. This is used to get rid of fats and bumpy cellulite just in a couple of weeks. Initially, MintLyfe patch has claimed to help overweight people or any person who wants to shed a few inches off their waist.

MintLyfe patch has significant things that ensure the dramatic loss of obesity. According to this patch, it works by enhancing fat burning, improving blood circulation, decreasing fat absorption, and accelerating the metabolism throughout the body.

MintLyfe weight loss patch holding its own as compared to some of the greatest brands of weight loss such as Kongdy. This patch provides similar services just like Kongdy patch provides its users. Kongdy patches contain ‘essential oil’, this is the only one edge of Kongdy over MintLyfe patch.

However, we might consider that MintLyfe patch is a strong competitor of Kongdy patch because of a few modifications. One pack of MintLyfe patch contains 50 patches, but Kongdy contains only 10. So, sufficient is even better.


  • Sheds weight or obesity.
  • Decreases food cravings.
  • Enhances the rate of metabolism.
  • Reduces the absorption of fats.
  • Increases the burning of fats.


  • Increased heart rate could affect the heart patient.
  • An adhesion property may irritate the thin skin.
  • Not have sufficient research to return for claims.

Top Alternatives: MintLyfe Patch Review

A MintLyfe patch is not only the available weight loss patch in the market. We have done some good research on weight loss patches as well as came up with the top 3 alternatives to the MintLyfe patch.

1. Firming Belly Patch, Tightening Sticker/Patch for Beer Belly, Buckets Waist, Waist Abdominal, 90PCS Navel Wrap


  • Non-irritating and safe, efficiently shape the body, natural botanical constituents.
  • Gentle to body skin, use a single patch per day for 4 to 8 hours’ time period.
  • The patch can be easily applied on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, arms, hips, and belly areas.
  • Before applying this weight loss patch, use the cream on the navel parts of the body.
  • Accelerates the metabolism, suitable for those who lack proper exercise, firm to the skin.
  • Top-quality non-woven substances provide better adhesion and good breathability features.


  • Don’t use it when you eat seafood or drink alcohol.
  • Don’t use during menstruation and pregnancy.
  • Use only on external areas of the body.
  • Avoid using for young kids and on damaged skin areas.
  • If irritation occurs or suffers from body skin allergies, don’t use it.

Warm Tip

While using weight loss stickers, please keep exercise regularly and use a healthy diet.


  • Fulfill the needs of vitamins and minerals.
  • Shipment arrived quickly.
  • Perfect quality of price.


  • Need to press for better adhesion.

2. 90 pcs, Fat Burning, Shaper Sticker, Buckets Waist, Waist Abdominal Fat


  • Made of premium quality ingredients, shape the body effectively.
  • Right heat to burn heavy fats underneath body skin, keep skin elastic and smooth.
  • Improve the rate of metabolism, stimulate abdominal muscles properly.
  • Particularly used for waist abdominal, easy to stick, simple to tear.
  • Easily use while working, sleeping, exercising, and meal.
  • Reduce or block the grease absorption, made of natural extracts of plants.
  • More useful for those who lack exercise, obese people, postpartum recovery.
  • Stickers help users with regular endocrine, restore slim figure, waist obesity, constipation.
  • Increases the skin temperature just after 1 to 2 hours of wearing.
  • Directly stick to belly, duration of use 4 to 6 hours, enhanced temperature lasts for 6-hours.


  • Don’t use after eating seafood or drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t use during the period of menstruation and pregnancy.
  • Apply only on the external parts of the body.
  • Avoid applying on damaged skin parts.
  • If suffers from body skin allergies or irritation occurs, don’t use it.

Warm Tip

Offers more obvious results along with regular amount of exercise and use of a healthy diet.


  • Good quality and fresh product.
  • Improves health efficiently.
  • Premium quality supplements.


  • A little pricey.

3. Winnieindustries 90PCS Sticker, Body Shaper, Tightening Patch for Abdominal Fat, Buckets Waist, Beer Belly


  • Keeps body skin elastic and moist, made of natural botanical constituents.
  • Shape the body by regulating the endocrine and improving the rate of metabolism.
  • Non-woven high-quality ingredients, better adhesion, and good breathability.
  • Use daily in regular tasks, sleeping, exercise. Good for hips, legs, arms, abdomen.
  • Just peel a sticker and stick on the skin, leave it for 8 to 12 hours of the time period.


Regulation of endocrine, dehumidification, restore gastrointestinal detoxification, and spleen. Particularly useful for obese and weak people. Shape your body effectively. Good for those who have lack exercise. 

How to Apply

  • The skin area should be dry and clean where you stick the patch.
  • Carefully placed the patch on the recommended body part after peeling it.
  • To ensure adhesive, press a patch down for a few minutes.                                                                                                                   

Warm Suggestions

  • Use at night for 8 to 12 hours. Apply every day or other every day.
  • Apply on the external parts only.
  • Don’t use after eating seafood or drinking alcohol.
  • Avoid using on damaged skin and allergic parts.
  • Appear as black stools or mild diarrhea.
  • Normally cleansing the intestines, when used for the first time.


  • Perfect for indoor usage.
  • Very simple to use and set up.
  • Perfect quality ingredients.


  • A quite pricy product.

Mintlyfe Patch Review FAQs

Is the MintLyfe weight loss patch legit?

A MintLyfe weight loss patch does not give any kind of side effects on human body or skin. However, these are not proven and tested by Drug and Food Administration. This is the reason that their harmful impacts are not observed. But, some are cons that should be considered before purchasing a MintLyfe patch.

Are slimming patches really worked?

In various situations, there is no proof of the effectiveness of weight loss patches. Because such patches are marketed as ‘dietary supplements’ within the US. Dietary supplements do not meet similar levels of effectiveness as compared to prescription medications and OTC.

Is Japanese mint weight loss patch worked?

A Japanese ‘mint oil’ can be used for common colds, indigestion, fever, joint pain, gas, gallstones, and various other situations. However, there is no appropriate scientific proves to support such uses.

Is Mintlyfe patch safe to use on skin? Where to buy?

MintLyfe patch is safe to use on skin. This is commonly sold at online stores. It has only one constitute i.e. ‘Mint’ and does not have any type of side effects on health. But, it results in sufficient weight loss.

To Sum Up

This is much difficult to choose the best weight loss product as they come in the market with a variety of ingredients. This is recommended to make a good choice regarding proper allergies. This is why weight loss patches made of natural constituents are the best as compared to artificial alternatives. MintLyfe patch takes away about half the struggle of weight loss by overcoming your cravings. This prevents the accumulation of fats in the body. This also helps in accelerating the rate of metabolism, reduces the absorption of fats, and makes you burn the fats efficiently.

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