Schwinn Road Bikes Reviews & Buyers Guide

When you buy a Schwinn Road Bike, a major challenge is either Schwinn bikes are good or not. These Schwinn rides have been in the manufacturing industry since 1895. Thus, a simple solution is, Schwinn Road Bikes are good.


In the previous decades, Schwinn Bikes are not only of high quality but also best for the roads. It is very easy to find such rides as these are available at a good price at more stores.

Shopping for a Schwinn bike is a great step in biking. However, with the passage of time, things started to change. Now, Schwinn Bikes have changed their titles as ‘King of Mountain’ bikes.

Background of Schwinn Bikes

The brand of Schwinn bikes was introduced in 1950. These bikes have a large background and stand out as developed their own brand names. At initial, bike industries have made bikes for particular users and stores. In previous years, Americans had considered this brand and making it much popular. However, these bikes were heavy and so large for some serious cyclists. Thus, they had to consider and connect with a few imported brands within Europe.

The largest breakthrough occurred in the 1960s when they recognized people with a famous stingray model which attracted followers all over countries. Further diversification with respect to road bikes had made the industry even much successful. You could find every member of a family on Schwinn bikes in the 1970s.

The brand of Schwinn bikes had ruled out the market in the previous decades. It was a synonymous brand of outstanding quality, performance, and durability. As Pacific bikes bought the industry, things had been changed. However, Pacific bikes are not of better quality as compared to old Schwinn bicycles. This company majorly depends on mass production regarding durability and quality. Schwinn bikes model aims at selling good affordable rides of low-quality as compared to high-quality.

Categories of Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn Industry was sold to Pacific bicycles in 2001. A new owner had divided the Schwinn bikes into two broad categories;

1. Signature Series:

This category involves high-quality models of Schwinn bikes. These models compete with top quality brands like Trek, Specialized, Giant, and Diamond Back. Signature Series models are considered the best models of available bikes. Said bikes are generally sold at high-end sports places.

A biker must be careful before purchasing a signature bike as there are few non-signature bikes that have only a signature logo on them. This is as confusing as it may seem. This is a regretful act to purchase a ride with low quality and less fitted components. This trend just produces trouble for users whether they are purchasing a high-end bicycle or not.

2. Discount Series:

A discount series category has mass-produced regarding the broad market. These rides have printed Schwinn logo, come at an affordable price, and not really of high quality. Unluckily, such discount series bikes are not an ideal choice for the riders. If you are a simple casual beginner or biker, the discount series is the best option with a suitable budget.

Where to buy Schwinn Bikes

If you want to get a signature series bike model, this is useful to get either from dedicated high-end stores or online stores. More traditionally, bike stores commonly sell low-end discount bikes that can’t control the serious riding activities.

Whether Schwinn Bikes are Good or not?

To explain this question, we have to know about the advantages or disadvantages of these Schwinn bikes;


Schwinn Road Bikes have various advantages that differentiate them from other bikes in markets. Some major advantages are:

Smooth Ride

On the roads, Schwinn bikes are the smoothest rides. These bikes are designed for smooth riding activities on a track or dirt road. Either you are riding on some paved roads or rural places, you will observe that ‘ride quality’ is beyond the board.

Ergonomic Structure

Schwinn bikes have designed with an ergonomic structure that decreases fatigue for cyclists as well. Schwinn bikes are developed to lessen stress on various upper parts of the body, neck, and shoulders.

Reliable Company

 From the last century, the Schwinn bike manufacturing industry has been in the business market. This is the reason that it has developed a good business identity. Thus, users are assured to purchase reliable rides from the industry. Moreover, the Schwinn industry also generates high-quality rides.

Variety of Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn company has the right bikes for you, doesn’t matter what’s your needs are. You can get an urban bike for going to the office or a cruiser bike to ride for fun. Additionally, hybrid rides are the best for those people who need to work-out. Thus, Schwinn rides will fulfill your whole needs of riding.


One major advantage of Schwinn bikes is, it comes with a full lifetime warranty. In case of any unique issue in frame, structure, and individual parts, Schwinn experienced dealers will set it for free of cost. This only takes some days to get back for riding.


Schwinn Road bikes also have some disadvantages;

Inefficient Bike Frame

An installed Schwinn bike frame is not great. This bike frame is not sufficient to provide enough space for pedals in up-hill paths.

Uncomfortable for Long-Rides

The majority of riders have complained that these Schwinn bikes are not comfortable for long rides. It is featured in handlebar and seat position that forces riders to bend back during riding.

Cheap Accessories

In contrast to other same range of bikes, these Schwinn bikes are adjusted with cheaper wheels and saddle. It produces a serious drawback of a shorter lifetime regarding these components of Schwinn bikes.

Heavy weight

One serious disadvantage is that Schwinn road bikes are too heavy. For a ride of long-distance, you are tired immediately. Said bikes are not better for sporty or long rides.

Great Rolling Resistance

Schwinn bikes come with larger tires as they have high end rolling resistance. It results in tough to ride a bike with maximum speed. This is the reason that various cyclists do not prefer such bikes for long distances.

Why do people prefer Schwinn road bikes today?

Dorel had performed well after taking charge of Schwinn Bike Company. It retained manufacturing German standards as well as once again dominated in the market. Schwinn industry has a well-known reputation for the excellent production of all bikes. However, some people think that manufacturers should apply the latest technology. But, only for those who are searching for a reliable and solid strategy beyond frills, Schwinn rides are the best choice.

Top Schwinn Road Bikes

  1. Schwinn Hybrid Road Bike for Men/Women
  2. Schwinn Sanctuary 7-Cruiser Bike
  3. Schwinn Volare Road Bike for Men/Women
  4. Schwinn Comfort GTX Adult Hybrid Bike
  5. Schwinn Phocus Road Bicycle for Men/Women
  6. Schwinn Mountain Bike (29-Inch Wheels)
  7. Schwinn Balance 12-Inch Wheels Toddler Bikes

1. Schwinn Hybrid Road Bike for Men/Women


  • Schwinn road bike has upgraded to alloy crank and suspension fork.
  • Adjustable stem with the rising city along with sweep back handlebar.
  • The hybrid road bike has supported with SRAM shifter grip having 21 speeds.
  • Powered with a derailleur, pedaling up is easier for both men and women.
  • Featured with gear carrier as well as having an alloy linear Promax pull brakes.
  • Adjustable rise angle of stem ahead alloy, durable, and reliable features.
  • Supported with padded seat and up-right swept-back handlebars.
  • Upgraded to fenders that keep the dirt away from the rider as well.
  • The hybrid road bike has designed with a light and durable body frame.
  • Fenders of Schwinn hybrid bike has a rear carrier for feasible riding across the city.
  • Schwinn hybrid has designed with 4 finger brake levers, alloy twist compatible shifters.


  • Easy to upgrade.
  • Comfortable and functional bike.
  • Great ride in right cost.


  • Assembly takes time.

2. Schwinn Sanctuary 7-Cruiser Bike


  • A perfect bike to ride through town, Schwinn Sanctuary 7-cruiser comfort bicycle in leisure.
  • Reinforced with a steel frame, offers all kinds of needs that require to enjoy riding practices.
  • Schwinn 7-Comfort Cruiser bike is the best for rider height of 5’4″ to 6″2″.
  • Upgraded to full fenders that save rider’s clothes by keeping away dirt and mud.
  • Designed with a rear cargo rack that holds each and everything of comfort to enjoy a long journey.
  • 7 speed Shimano rear derailleur provides an outstanding riding experience.
  • Supported with twist SRAM shifters to give all types of desired performance for your riding.
  • Strong material of steel alloy is used for frame construction, a good lifetime warranty.
  • Lightweight and strong rims made of Aluminum alloy, 26 inches wheels measure.
  • Upgraded to saddle with padded cruiser along with springs that leave you in full comfort.

Reasons to Choose

Rear & Front Fenders: Designed with rear and front fenders. These fenders keep the debris, mud, and dirt away from riders and clothes.

Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur: A 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur supported with twist SRAM shifters that provide all types of desired performance. It maintains the simplicity and balance of a cruiser ride.

Rear Cargo Rack: Schwinn 7-Speed Cruiser bike has designed with a rear cargo rack. It holds each and everything requires for a long journey.

Padded Seat: Schwinn Cruiser Bike has supported with springs and saddle. These parts leave you in the whole comfort for whatever the long journey is.


  • Affordable cost.
  • Pretty colors.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Solid ride on the road.


  • Not use for heavy duty work.

3. Schwinn Volare Road Bike for Men/Women


  • Lightweight 29.5 lbs, Volare road bike is a perfect ride for both men and women.
  • Reinforced with an aluminum frame to enhance the riding experiences of riders.
  • Integrated with brake/shifter 14-speed, lever combo helps in precise shifting.
  • Double pivot brakes alloy caliper, rear, and front, stopping would not be a problem.
  • Oversized tires offer smooth and fast riding whatever the bike takes you.
  • A dual alloy rims wall that is light and strong for additional durability during cycling.
  • Featured with durable and lightweight seat position, stem, reliable for speedy riding.
  • Upgraded to the handlebar that strengthened the bike, made of Schwinn aluminum.
  • Supported with a steel fork to ensure agile and quick riding practices.
  • Schwinn Volare bike has ideal dimensions of 10.51 x 54.02 x 30.98 inches.
  • Enjoy the freedom of cycling with Schwinn Volare road bike.


  • Immediate release tires.
  • Very easy to use for beginners.
  • Great bike with affordable cost.


  • Brakes need little tuning.

4. Schwinn Comfort GTX Adult Hybrid Bike


  • Schwinn Comfort GTX is the perfect road ride for adults of all ages.
  • Comfort GTX has reinforced with a double Aluminum sport frame.
  • Designed with versatile riding features along with a suspension fork.
  • Supported with pull brakes of linear alloy to ensure stopping actions.
  • Upgraded to shifters having 21 speed of rear derailleur offers accurate gear variations.
  • Schwinn road bike provides crank alloy for optimum range of city gearing.
  • Lightweight and strong alloy rims, multiple-use tires for paved surfaces, and fun on trails.
  • GTX comfort bike is true multiple hybrids to handle all biking requirements.
  • Rear and front mechanical disc brakes offer additional stopping features for cycling.
  • Moved with multi-use wheels, perfect for off-road and on-road riding adventures.


  • Brakes easy to calibrate.
  • Central channel and comfortable.
  • Good quality wheel shifters.


  • Adjustment of parts takes time.

5. Schwinn Phocus Road Bicycle for Men/Women


  • Schwinn Phocus bike has strengthened with aluminum frame along with the fork of carbon fiber.
  • Upgraded to Claris Shimano 16-speed derailleur to enhance riding experience on road.
  • Phocus bike has integrated with lever combo brake and shift to promote cycling practices.
  • Alloy double wall high-profile rims, coupled spokes, strong and lightweight front quick.
  • Schwinn road bike has supported with alloy crank regarding wide gear range of cycling.
  • Designed with Promax double caliper alloy pivot road brakes to enhance the braking power.
  • Lightweight bike having 31 pounds weight along with ideal dimensions of 8 x 51 x 28 inches.
  • Developed for sport and speed to grow competitive racing experiences.
  • Supported with components and lightweight frames with minimum accessories.
  • Drop handlebar, aerodynamic, and powerful riding position, comfortable riding.
  • Narrow tires having high pressure, multiple gears, minimum rolling resistance.


  • Great quality components.
  • Comfortable seat post.
  • Perfect bike with good price.
  • Easy to assemble all parts.


  • Brakes and stem need to tight.

6. Schwinn Mountain Bike (29-Inch Wheels)


  • Upgraded with double aluminum suspension frame to ensure comfort riding.
  • Powerful suspension fork that soaks up thumps and bumps to offer reliable cycling.
  • EZ fire Shimano trigger shifters, 24 speed Schwinn Mountain riding bike.
  • Designed with Shimano rear and front derailleurs, easy and smooth gear changes.
  • Rear and front mechanical disc brakes to offer crispiness for all stopping situations on trail.
  • Additional wall, dual alloy rims, strong and lightweight to enhance riding practices.
  • Wide knobby mountains with 2.25 inches tire helpful for the bumpy sections of terrain.
  • Supported with strong alloy cranks to offer less pesky and steady gearing maintenance.
  • The aluminum frame has 18 inches medium size, 29 inches wheel size for smooth riding.
  • Schwinn bike has ideal dimensions of 9.02 x 57.99 x 30.98 inches with 49 lbs weight.


  • Strong brakes quickly shifts up and down.
  • Overall great performance.
  • A plenty of seat adjustment.


  • Socket needs proper alignment.

7. Schwinn Balance 12-Inch Wheels Toddler Bikes


  • Schwinn balance bike has designed with low weight steel, foot to the foot bike frame.
  • Perfect choice for young beginners to enhance their riding practices.
  • Supported with wheels of 12 inches, suggested for rider height of 28″-38″.
  • Balance bike fits for the riders’ age of 2-4 years, specially designed for toddlers.
  • Featured with feasible steer handlebar having limiter, easy for starters to control ride.
  • Air-filled wheels offer a smooth ride, balance bike has a lifetime warranty.
  • Adjustable and tool-free seat position as well as provides a comfortable fit for the riders.
  • A mag wheel with a lightweight design promotes the flair and style of the bike.
  • Lightweight balance toddler bike having just 13.4 lbs weight for easy control of kids.
  • Designed with ideal dimensions of 7.1 x 28.2 x 14.6 inches.


  • Excellent bike for kids.
  • Top quality and strong frame.
  • Durable bearing components.


  • A little harder bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Schwinn bike act as a good road bikes?

If you are ever a rider of Schwinn bikes, then you must know that these bikes are the smoothest rides for roads. They are smoothly designed to ride both on a track and a dirt road. Either you are riding a paved road or a rural path, you will observe bike quality beyond the board.

Is Schwinn bike a good ride?

As compared to all other bike brands, the Schwinn bike brand has a perfect quality regarding selling cost. The manufacturers are no longer to produce both top-quality line bikes and entry-level bikes. Nowadays, Schwinn bikes are a famous brand due to cheaper entry-level rides having decent quality.

Are Schwinn road bikes valuable?

The cost of Schwinn road bikes varies significantly based on the desirability, age, scarcity, and conditions of the bike. For instance, Schwinn Breeze vintage sells as less as 70$ in need of restoration. Moreover, Schwinn Excelsior 1920s bikes can retail for 900$ or more.

Are Schwinn road bikes too expensive?

As regard purpose and usage, Schwinn road bikes are too expensive. But, these bikes offer affordable choices within the second line as effective due to their capacity. The professional indoor and outdoor rides are also available in markets. You just have to choose a better option that fits your budget and goals.


Nowadays, various bikes are available in markets. If you are a professional cyclist, Schwinn bikes are not suitable for you. But, if you consider biking just as riding or exercise, Schwinn ride is the best option for you. Moreover, you can also get discount bikes that are available at shops at attractive costs. But, you just not consider these bikes as long-lasting as other top quality bikes.

After thoroughly studying this review, you can decide either you buy a Schwinn bike or not. If any brainstorming idea comes to your mind, please share via commenting in the below section. We are thankful to get useful comments from your side.

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